Biblical Vs. Islamic Values


Source: Nonie Darwish, July 2021

It is not just Sharia that is in conflict with Western laws but values practiced in Islamic society are often diametrically opposite to Biblical Values.

For example:

1. We Are All Sinners vs. They Are All Sinners.

2. Judge the Sin and Not the Sinner vs. Judge the Sinner, 
Not the Sin.

3. Confession of Sin vs. Concealment of Sin

4. Redemption from Sin vs. Immunity from Sin

5. Love Your Enemies vs. Hate Allah’s Enemies

6. Love Your Neighbor vs. If Neighbor is non-Muslim, convert or kill him.

7. Compassion towards misfortune of others VS. Reveling/celebrating misfortune of ‘perceived’ enemies.

8. Guided by the Holy Spirit vs. Manipulate/control by Human Terror. Principle of Tarhib/Targhib, Terror/Lure Principle.

9. Fear Not! VS. Fear is used as a Tool for compliance.

10. Do to others (All Humans) as you would have them do to you VS. Islamic Principle of Alwala wal bara: Loyalty and Enmity: Relations are determined by Islamic law. Loyalty to Muslims and Enmity to non-Muslims regardless.

11. Free Will and freedom of belief. VS. No free will / Islam is the only religion on earth that legally must execute those who leave it.

12. Religious sin is to be judged by God VS. Religious sin, (such as not praying or fasting) to be enforced by the State, or citizens over one another.

13. Pleasing/Fearing God VS. Since punishing sin is in the hands of citizens over one another, thus Pleasing/Fearing Allah is transferred to other humans.

14. Bible wants us to Transform/ be Renewed. Yom Kippur is about renewal VS. Islam focuses on Conformity/Submission.

15. Changing oneself VS. Changing Others.

16. Self-Control VS. Controlling Others

17. Praising vs. Cursing.

18. God is a Redeemer/human dignity is important VS. One of Allah’s names is ‘Humiliator’. Jezya/taxes on Kafir to be collected while ‘belittling’ them.(Sagheroun)

19. Humans are Children of God VS. Humans are Slaves of Allah (Abdullah)

20. Healing of Spirit, Body, and Soul VS. ‘Healing’ NOT an Islamic principle.

21. Jesus came to Save Us vs. We Have to Save Allah and Muhammad’s reputation.

22. Jesus Died For Us vs. We Must Die for Allah while killing His enemies.

23. At War with spiritual darkness/wickedness/the Devil/ but NOT flesh and blood VS. At War literally with Flesh/Blood (groups of people/enemies of Allah)

24. Thou Shalt Not Bare False Witness/Truth will set you free VS. Lying, Slander and exaggeration are Obligatory if benefitting Islam.

25. Life Is Sacred VS. Death Is Worship.

26. Personal Prayer VS. Exhibitionist Prayers, streets/public squares/block traffic.

27. Prayers for All vs. Prayers Only for Muslims.

28. Vengeance Is Mine/the Lord’s VS. Vengeance is ‘Prescribed’ for Muslims.

29. Forgiveness and Mercy VS. Reveling in Un-forgiveness.

30. Marriage is One Man and One Woman VS. Marriage One Man and a Harem, no loyalty is expected from the husband, only from wife.

31. Both Men and Women Shall Not Commit Adultery vs. Adultery is punished by death but is hard to prove for men since men could have up to 4 wives even without written contract.

32. Upholding Human Rights VS. Sacrificing Human Rights for jihad and Islam.

33. Work Ethic VS. Building wealth through Conquest (jihad)

34. More than Conquerors VS. To Conquer Is to Prevail.

35. God Loves Us All VS. Allah Hates Non-Muslims.

36. Covenant of Peace VS. Covenant of War

37. Pride Is a Sin VS. Allah is Prideful.

38. Humility is a value VS. Pride
and shame, are tools of control and child rearing.

39. Envy Is a Sin VS. The Envious could put an Evil Eye spell on those who Envy.

40. Lust and Gluttony is Sins VS. Lust and Glutton are Allah’s Lure with lustful promises to jihadists in heaven (72 virgins).

41. Anger Is a Deadly Sin VS. Anger Is a Tool used to get Power.

42. Bible promotes Self Reliance VS. Dependency/Reliance on Caliphate (government).

43. Stealing Is a Sin VS. Seizing Non-Muslims’ Property/wealth is a Right.

44. Thou Shalt Not Covet VS. Covet and take wives and property of conquered enemies in jihad.

45. Bible/Ten Commandments are an Ethics Revolution, a revolutionary Divinely Inspired Criteria of Morality VS. Islam is a Rebellion Against the Bible and Ten Commandments. Islam condemned the Bible as having been intentionally falsified by Jews and Christians. Islam is a Counter Ethics Revolution.

46. Constitutional Republics VS. Totalitarian Theocracy according to Sharia Western democracies condemned as illegal.

47. Bible encourages us to Control Sin VS. Islam is in constant struggle to Control Governments and citizens through Sharia.

48. The Kingdom of God Is Not of This World VS. Allah and the State Are One.

49. Government Serves the People VS. The People Serve the Islamic State.

50. In Harmony with Human Nature VS. Often works against Human Nature.

51. Joy is a value VS. Shame in expressing joy.

52. Secular feminists are anti-Establishment/Bible VS. Muslim Feminists are pro-Establishment/Sharia/Jihad.

53. We are not to judge VS. Allah gave Muslims his authority to judge, be judge, jury and executioners over others.

54. Co-existence, The Bible says “The wicked will prosper on Earth, the sun will rise over the good and the bad. So we must CO-EXIST. VS. REPLACEMENT, Islam aims at replacing ‘not co-existing’ with other religions.

55. Trust vs. Distrust

56. Go and make Disciples VS. “We have made LAWFUL to you” the slave girls on top of your wives, slaves like a product to sell.

57. “ A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways” James 1:8 VS.

Mohammed and his book were double minded. They had to resort to Law of Abrogation to solve the Islamic problem of contradictions in Quran.