Move Over, Wokitude, National Security Coming Through


Source:, By Christopher Wright, August 3, 2021

For those of you who think wokism is the only thing worth thinking about, let me gently suggest to you we have bigger problems, national security chief among them.

Last month, the Office of Naval Intelligence sent a brief to Congress about what are called unidentified aerial phenomena – UAPs.  They were looking into 144 credible reports from U.S. government sources about UFOs – unidentified flying objects.  It turns out that many of the reports occurred during military exercises in restricted airspace.  The brief concluded that many of these reports are possibly explained by laser plasma technology – holographic images created to fool heat-seeking missiles.  If that sounds far-fetched, consider that the U.S. Navy applied for a patent for the technology in 2018.  Observers worry that one or more of our adversaries has mastered the technology and is sending us a message by disrupting our military exercises.  Before we go onto the next underappreciated threat to national security reported recently, Roswell fans take heart: not all of the 144 credible incidents discussed in the brief can be accounted for this way and the remainder appear to be physical objects.

Russia unveiled a prototype of a fifth-generation stealth fighter jet at an air show last month.  ‘Fifth-generation’ means, among other things, the fighter is supersonic and uses AI – artificial intelligence.  Russia believes the fighter will the rival the F-35 and plans to export it to other countries.

Russia said it has also successfully tested a hypersonic cruise missile that can fly at Mach-9 and hit targets on land or sea 600 miles away.  Another new Russian missile, the S-500, can intercept and destroy stealth fighters, hypersonic missiles, and satellites in space.

According to congressional testimony, DHS has failed to upgrade biosurveillance technology, leaving the U.S. vulnerable to airborne biological weapon attacks.

Democrat senators are agitating to eliminate the efforts Donald Trump made to modernize our nuclear weapons.  Our Minuteman III ground-launched missile is 50 years old and losing credibility.  The Democrats are resisting modernization at a time when China is building more than a hundred new missile solos in its western desert.

Israel has developed an airborne laser system that can shoot down drones regardless of cloud cover or weather conditions.  Israel expects a ground-based version will be able to shoot down rockets fired from Gaza.  You can bet our adversaries will be looking to develop the same capabilities.

Our Olympic athletes might be trashing their country in medals ceremonies for imaginary slights and for not being sufficiently woke, but the rest of us better wake up to some very real dangers.  Our adversaries are not sitting still.  Social justice warriors like to yammer on about ‘social goods’ but there is one social good that should come before all others – the national defense.