Trump’s Alabama rally gave us a powerful phrase for the ages

Trump Rally in Cullman, Alabama

Source: American Thinker, By Andrea Widburg, August 22, 2021

It’s not clear yet how many people attended Trump’s rally in Cullman, Alabama, but it was a lot. wrote that authorities were expecting 40,000 to attend. However many tens of thousands ultimately attended the rally, Trump gave them a show. He raged against Biden’s Afghanistan fiasco and offered a vulgar, but accurate, quote for the ages about the wokeness that has swamped America.

The photos and videos of the crowd gathered in Alabama on pastureland are stunning:

Before Trump appeared, the audience was treated to the George C. Scott version of Patton’s famous speech about America being a winning nation:

And speaking of generals, Trump chose the earliest possible opportunity to castigate the “woke generals” who “move our military out before they move our civilians and before they move $83 billion worth of equipment. Let’s move ‘em out. And the Taliban looks, and they say, ‘I can’t believe it. This could only happen to us. I can’t believe it.’”

As Trump clearly knew, the Taliban, who are very attuned to America, have been rubbing America’s face in the fact that the retreating American military gave them enough advanced weaponry to wage war for years:

Even CNN was compelled to report that the “Taliban celebrate their new American arsenal”:

The Taliban’s newfound American arsenal is likely not limited to small arms, as the group captured sizable stockpiles of weapons and vehicles held at strongholds once controlled by US-backed forces, including modern mine-resistant vehicles (MRAPs) and Humvees.

Initial estimates suggest the Taliban may now also possess several Black Hawk helicopters and other US-funded military aircraft, according to a congressional source familiar with early assessments provided by defense officials.

That potentially includes roughly 20 A-29 Tucano attack planes, the source said, noting there are some indications that only a small number of aircraft were relocated from a base in Kandahar before it was overrun by the Taliban.

Angrily, Trump stated the unvarnished truth, which is that “this will go down as one of the greatest military defeats of all time.” Indeed, Trump said that what happened wasn’t even a withdrawal. It was a “total surrender.” The Taliban didn’t even have to fight us.

Trump knew where to place the blame:

The issue here is not whether to leave Afghanistan. The issue is Joe Biden’s staggering incompetence and gross negligence creating the greatest strategic humiliation that we’ve ever seen as a country.

With me in office, the Taliban would not have ever dreamt of capturing our airfield or parading around with our American weapons. There would have been no emergency Embassy evacuation and no taking down of our flag because we would have established clear lines that the Taliban would never have dared to cross.

Trump added that, when he was negotiating with the Taliban, he told them, “If anything happens, we will rain terror upon you.”

During his speech, Trump made one statement that will be remembered for the ages, and that was his attack on the left’s obsession with “woke” values. In schools and corporate offices across America, students and workers are being force-fed a diet of Critical Race Theory and Gender Theory—and Biden is institutionalizing this woke garbage as fast as he can

“Do you think that General Patton was woke?” Trump asked the crowd. “I don’t think so,” he added. Patton, he said, “was the exact opposite.” And then Trump went in for the kill, saying words that will be circulating on thousands of cups, mugs, text messages, emails, and tweets:

You know what woke means. It means you’re a loser. Everything woke turns to shit. It’s true.

Trump’s right that it’s true. While the Afghanistan surrender is a terrible blow to America’s standing in the world and a shameful moral failure, what’s happening at home is tearing America apart by creating racial schisms more vicious even than those that existed during the Jim Crow era and destroying for generations the entire reality of biological sex. Too many more of these woke attacks on who and what we are, and there may not be an America for much longer.

As always, it’s impossible to look at those enthusiastic crowds of tens of thousands of people and to believe that Trump had fewer votes than Biden, the man who drew crowds in the tens. I’m certain that Biden received may be close to half of America’s votes, which is a truly shameful fact, but I’m equally certain that good, old-fashioned fraud is what popped him into the White House.

Image: Trump rally in Cullman, Alabama (edited). YouTube screen grab.