Islamic Doctrine Is a Threat to National Security and Law Enforcement (FOIA Case Update)


Source: Sharia Tip Sheet, By Christopher Wright, August 20, 2021

The document nearby contains the response to the FBI’s motion for summary judgment in a Freedom of Information Act case attempting to determine the FBI’s position ​on whether Islamic doctrine is a threat to national security and law enforcement.
This case is about whether or not the nation’s premier law enforcement agency has ever thought about Islamic doctrine in and of itself being a threat and, if so, has come to any conclusions regarding the matter.  Given the passages in standard Islamic doctrine exhorting sharia supremacy and violent jihad as the means to achieve it (set forth below) and the jihadist attacks inspired by standard Islamic doctrine on U.S. soil (also listed below), the question presented is of the utmost importance to national security and law enforcement and, thus, is of paramount interest to the body politic.  The American people are entitled to know whether their chief law enforcement agency considers Islamic doctrine a threat, especially now that the Taliban control Afghanistan again….

​Continued in the PDF document:

Court filing with exhibits: