COVID-19 UPDATE: Three States with Highest Vaccination Rate Lead the Country with Greatest Increase in COVID-19 Case Rates Last Week


Source: Gateway Pundit, By Jim Hoft, September 20, 2021

Data from John Hopkins COVID-19 Tracker shows that several states with the highest vaccination rates like Maine, New York, and Vermont have the highest increased rate in COVID-19 cases last week.

And the state with the greatest decreased rate in COVID-19 cases was Texas.

Vermont, leading the country with the highest vaccination rate of 71.30% (fully vaccinated) had a 34.07% increase rate in COVID-19 cases last week.

Maine is another state that has the highest vaccination rate of 67.92% (fully vaccinated).  It also saw a record-high 100% increase rate of COVID-19 cases last week.

New York ranked 8th has a vaccination rate of 62.18% fully vaccinated. The rate of increase over the past week reached 43.13%.

Texas landed at the 31st spot in the country where 51.50% of its population are fully vaccinated.

It has the largest decrease of  -56.57% of COVID cases last week.

And this was despite Joe Biden’s flood of unvaxxed Haitians that just poured across its southern border.