Washington D.C. Area Shiite Imam: May Allah Allow All of Us to Enter Paradise through Gates of Jihad

Washington D.C. Area Shiite Imam Dr. Sulayman Ali Hassan said that all Muslims should strive to wage Jihad, and be prepared to defend Islam in the way it is being attacked. He made his remarks in a Friday sermon delivered on August 27, 2021, at the Shahe Najaf Islamic Center in Alexandria, Virginia, a suburb of Washington D.C., and it was aired on the Islamic center’s YouTube channel.
Dr. Hassan said: “May Allah allow all of us to enter Paradise through the gates of Jihad.” He said that if Islam is under physical attack, one should prepare with “martial training,” but if Islam is under an intellectual attack, Muslims should wage Jihad with the “weapons” of intellect and reasoning. Dr. Hassan added that Jihad can be through funding or “struggling in person.” He then continued to say that according to the hadith, a person who is al-ghazi, waging Jihad on the battlefield, must be important to all Muslims, and that they must care for the families and dependents of those waging Jihad on the battlefield. Dr. Sulayman Ali Hassan is an American-born Shiite imam, and he spent ten years studying at a religious seminary in Qom, Iran.