MUST SEE: Jason Whitlock Fires a Warning Shot at White Men and American Males with Traditional Values – What the Left Did to Black Men, “YOU’RE NEXT!” (VIDEO)


Source: Gateway Pundit, By Jim Hoft, October 17, 2021

Sportswriter and conservative thought leader Jason Whitlock appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday to discuss the recent liberal media attacks on black comedian Dave Chappelle and NBA player Kyrie Irving.  Whitlock described how the liberal left has destroyed black men and the black family in America today.  He then fired a warning shot at white men and men with traditional values.  The left is coming for you next. 

Whitlock recently said as much in his column at The Blaze.

Tucker asked Whitlock to summarize his latest piece for the viewers.

Jason Whitlock:  “It’s critical that men stand up because we’re the ones being bullied into the closet if we have any traditional values…  In my podcast I’m trying to explain to all men regardless of color, we got to get into this together.  You can’t look at this and go,  Oh look what’s happening to black guys, and not understand – You’re next!  You’re next!  They’re in your schools emasculating you right now with critical race theory and teaching your kids that you’re the worst person on the planet.   They’ve come for us.  I admit, from the Great Society Initiative and the total emasculating of black men, and the creation of the welfare state, and running the man out of the black family.   And now we have all these confused and clueless and dysfunctional kids.  I’m telling you, YOU’RE NEXT!  And if we don’t come together those of us who believe in a higher power, those of us who believe in God and Jesus, those of us with traditional male values.  If we don’t come together regardless of our skin color, we’re all going down!  

This was a very powerful segment with Whitlock.  And he’s right.  The left is going after the men.  We all know it’s true.