Clare Lopez: Lopez Liberty, US Middle East Policy Turmoil, New Paradigms w/Sargis Sangari EP #72


Source: Near East Center for Strategic Engagement, By Clare Lopez, November 8, 2021

On Monday, 8 NOV 21, on New Paradigms with Sargis Sangari, Episode #72, Ms. #ClareLopez, the Founder/President of #LopezLiberty LLC & former #CIA Clandestine Operations Officer, returns in an information-packed episode to do a deep dive into the #newparadigm of the #MiddleEast, and its effects on hometown USA.

Clare M. Lopez and I discuss the continued fallout of the current U.S. #foreignpolicy in the Middle East that reverses #Trump‘s historical stabilization efforts, increasingly destabilizing the region with “wars and rumors of wars” extending from #Iraq, through #Turkey#Syria#Lebanon and into the #HornofAfrica.

Claire answers the question, “Qui Bono. Who Benefits?” Ms. Lopez notes that both Iran and Turkey are major irredentist powers in the region. Iran is directing drone strikes against American interests in the region, including the Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa Al-Kadhimi’s own home, as Turkey is openly calling for re-establishing its #OttomanEmpire rule in the area, taking the lead of the global #MuslimBrotherhood movement from #SaudiArabia.

Iran especially is flexing its muscles with the new stand-off strike capability the advanced drones bring its forces. Iran has targeted #gulfshipping#oilfields, and now a direct assassination attempt of Iraq’s prime minister. As Ms. Lopez notes, Turkey being a Muslim Brotherhood allied regime promotes the militant ideology across the region, and even in the United States, with a Cabinet-level center that coordinates and promotes the Muslim Brotherhood end goals just miles from D.C.

Amid these multiple “#BackyardWars” lies the increasing expansionism and opportunism of #China and #Russia, who have increased their aggressive moves after the #Bidenregime debacle in #Afghanistan, combined with U.S. indifference and, some would say, incompetence in foreign policy in the region.

So the only clear answer to Qui Bono is…not the U.S.