Iranian Terror Group Protected by Biden Aided Him in 2020 Election


Source: Frontpage Mag, By Daniel Greenfield, November 26, 2021

DOJ indictment uncovers Iranian cyberwafare scheme to defeat President Trump.

In 2007, Joe Biden became one of only 22 senators to vote against designating the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organization. The IRGC is Iran’s central terror hub, organizing, funding, and training terrorists around the region and the world.

Including terrorists who murdered Americans.

Biden was so proud of his IRGC vote that he used it to attack Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for being insufficiently pro-Iran, and then brought it up during the Democrat debate.

After Senator Mike Gravel defended two of the IRGC’s terror groups, Hamas and Hezbollah, contending, “these people are fighting for their rights”, Biden joined in with colleague, claiming that the “moment that declaration was made, every one of our friends, from Iraq to Pakistan, felt they had to distance themselves from us because it appears to be a war on Islam.”

The IRGC clearly appreciated Biden’s support and tried to pay it forward in the 2020 election.

Unlike most election interference news, the DOJ’s latest announcement has received very little media coverage because the interference was coming out of Iran and was helping Biden.

An indictment charged two Iranians over a “cyber-enabled disinformation and threat campaign designed to influence the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election.”

Many conservatives already knew that Iranian hackers had tried to pass themselves off as members of the Proud Boys in a false flag operation designed to increase Democrat turnout and generate an election backlash to President Trump. One example of the Iranian campaign involved sending emails to “tens of thousands of registered voters” that threatened them “with physical injury if they did not change their party affiliation and vote for President Trump.”

The importance of the indictment though is that it shows the campaign came from the IRGC.

The DOJ statement only notes that the hackers had “worked as contractors for an Iran-based company formerly known as Eeleyanet Gostar, and now known as Emennet Pasargad”. The official sanctions designation at the Treasury Department however explains why the company keeps changing names. “Emennet was previously designated under its former name, Net Peygard Samavat Company” for its work with the “Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps-Electronic Warfare and Cyber Defense Organization (IRGC-EWCD). The company rebranded itself to evade U.S. sanctions and continue its disruptive cyber operations against the United States.”

The false flag operation was actually being conducted by Iran’s terrorist cyberwarfare corps who had been previously tied to various cyberattacks, including ransomware. Unlike these more obvious financial schemes, there was nothing financial for the IRGC’s hackers to gain from impersonating Trump supporters. This was a deliberate effort by Iran to defeat President Trump.

The organization in question had already been caught trying to “implant malware on the computer systems of current and former U.S. counterintelligence agents.”

There was little question that the Shiite Islamic terror regime in Tehran wanted Biden.

Two days after the election, President Rouhani of Iran blasted President Trump as a “person in the White House who brutally intensified sanctions”, but expressed hope that “the next American administration will surrender to the Iranian nation.”

It did indeed.

The Biden administration lifted the terror designation on the IRGC’s Houthi terrorists in Yemen. The Shiite terrorist group, whose motto also includes, “Death to America”, has since gone on to attack the U.S. embassy in Yemen and take local staff as hostages. This comes after Biden pulled anti-missile batteries out of several countries targeted by Iran: including Saudi Arabia.

This is unsurprising behavior from Biden, who, when addressing the American Iranian Council, had argued, “We cannot simply dismiss Iran’s security concerns.”

Since taking office, the Biden administration has allowed the Tehran terrorists to benefit from billions of dollars in sanctions relief. A regime paper boasted that $4 billion had been freed “without much negotiation”. The administration is currently floating an “interim nuclear deal” that would provide even more sanctions relief to Iran. And that’s even before the real negotiations.

The IRGC’s investment in Iran has already paid billions in dividends. It expects billions more.

While Democrats and the media used the Steele Dossier hoax to falsely claim that President Trump was in bed with Russia, Biden has extensive and deeply troubling ties to Iran.

After September 11, Biden proposed, “Seems to me this would be a good time to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran.” While the check never materialized, the Obama-Biden administration would send billions, not millions, to the Islamic terror state.

Before then, Biden prepped for a presidential run by doing a tour of Iran lobby groups.

At a 2003 Senate hearing, Biden suggested that Iran was pursuing nuclear weapons because it felt “isolated”, and that its pursuit of weapons of mass destruction had nothing to do with Islam.

During the 2008 election, Biden wanted to reopen a US diplomatic presence in Tehran. He proposed cutting off Radio Liberty broadcasts that provided a voice for Iranian dissidents. And behind the scenes,he tapped into the Iran Lobby’s fundraising apparatus, raising tens of thousands, which, by the 2020 election had turned into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Right before the election, Biden released his list of fundraising bundlers. In an exclusive story, Front Page Magazine’s investigation revealed that they included Jamal Abdi, the executive director of NIAC Action. The National Iranian American Council (NIAC), often described as the Iran Lobby, claimed its members had run phone banks and donated $385,000 to Biden.

NIAC Action had endorsed Biden and declared, “our long, national nightmare is almost over. AP has called the race for Joe Biden”.

Biden’s pick for Secretary of State, Tony Blinken was, like his future boss, an opponent of designating the IRGC a terrorist group, cautioning, “If there’s a formal designation as a terrorist organization, I think there is going to be blowback.”

The IRGC got its dream team in Washington D.C. and now it’s taking advantage of it.

Biden had denied the IRGC’s terrorist operations arguing that, “the vote to declare the Qods Force and the Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization was not a view that could be established without question.” It’s not a coincidence that the same terrorist group he had intervened to protect helped his campaign in the 2020 election with a false flag operation.

The same media that pushed the Russiagate hoax has shown no interest in Biden’s ties to Iran, the impact of those ties on his pro-Iran policies, or the IRGC attempts to help his campaign. But as Biden continues to reward Iran, we should be prepared for more IRGC election interference.

There’s too many billions at stake for Iran not to try to keep Biden in the White House.