Two brilliant doctors explain what’s really going on with COVID


Source: American Thinker, By Terry Paulding, January 5, 2022

I’ve just completed a marathon of listening to six hours of Joe Rogan interviewing two doctors — first Peter McCullough, then Robert Malone.  Both, uncensored on Gettr and Spotify, are worth your time.  Listening certainly furthered my education.


The two doctors collaborate and are friends, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few contradictions between them.  Dr. McCullough said Moronic (AKA omicron) is only four times more contagious than alpha was, but Dr. Malone said omicron is much more contagious.

Also, at Dr. McCullough’s request, Dr. Malone corrected Dr. McCullough’s statement that one can’t get the virus more than once.  Apparently, they’ve been finding that, while people who had alpha didn’t get delta, omicron is sufficiently different in its structure that it’s infecting even those who’ve had COVID previously.  The good news is that, symptomatically, it’s still not much worse than a cold, and yeah, it will provide antibodies that will keep you from getting COVID again, or so it seems.

One of the biggest takeaways from the time I just spent listening to Dr. Malone is that I gained a deeper understanding of the duplicitous nature of the powers that be in manipulating the public about COVID.  For example, we know that the Biden administration’s been pulling from use all supplies of monoclonal antibodies.  Supposedly, this is based on the assumption that all the COVID in America comes from omicron now, and the antibodies don’t work for omicron.

It’s a lame excuse at best.  Dr. Malone insists that the primary cause of hospitalization is still delta, which is much more virulent and causes far more severe illness if untreated.  The antibodies are the best defense against it.  Pulling them from use is going to mean an escalation in hospitalization and death.

Why are they pulling the antibodies?  Let me say that Dr. Malone is careful in how he says things and well versed in the legalities of his statements.  As I understood it, Emergency Use Authorizations expire, and that’s what the EUA for the vaccine is set to do.  You need people to be panicked to justify renewing the EUA without opposition.

Throughout both podcasts, one theme was repeated again and again, which is how the medical and political establishments stifle discourse and shut down anyone who doesn’t toe the line on vaccination.  Both described the alarming methods for doing this.  Dr. Malone even said Dr. McCullough is deeply in debt trying to defend his license — and he’s one of the pre-eminent voices in his field, for he’s one of the most published doctors in the U.S., with over 1,000 publications, and over 600 citations in the library of medicine, and was the chief of cardiovascular research at Baylor University Health Care System.  (You can see his entire C.V. here.)  If they can shut Dr. McCullough and Dr. Malone down — and Dr. Malone invented the technology used to create the vaccines — we’re in trouble.

As always, we must follow the money, the crooked politicians, and the incompetent “leaders” asking us to blindly follow them.  Looking farther, we must ask if there are even more nefarious purposes in this push to vaccinate, coupled with rigorously stifling discourse.  Given the overwhelming pressure to get vaccinated, coupled with the tyrannical efforts to silence dissent, it’s not surprising how many people have concluded that there’s a megalomaniacal desire to control the world, depopulate it, and end civilization as we’ve built it.

If authorities would honestly address alarming reports of sudden deaths from all over the world, and give us honest data, we would have concrete facts upon which to evaluate whether the vaccines have been causal.  If this trend is real, it must all come to light, as insurance companies are duty-bound to report their statistics, and a huge spike in deaths, absent other reasons, would be very revealing.  As it is, though, governments around the world have not given us any reason to trust them.  Add to the ignored or manipulated data the push to make sure we all have our social credit passports, and yes, eventually, our microchip to be read by those in authority.  There’s a reason those of us who haven’t bought into the COVID narrative feel that our world increasingly resembles North Korean totalitarianism.

We’re being commanded to get used to a life proscribed by irrational mandates that weaken us in every sector.  It is my fervent hope that the Supreme Court ends this.  I have no faith in them after the election fiasco, but maybe they’ll surprise us all and do the right thing.  After all, we have a “vaccine” that doesn’t prevent the virus but, accordingly to highly reputable, informed doctors, may harm the very DNA of the people it’s given to, and this information is getting increasingly difficult to stuff into a box.

If you want more from the good doctors, beyond the podcasts, go to the Global COVID Summit, in which both participate.  They’ve also planned a march on Washington for January 23.  While I’m all for making our voices heard, I urge caution about marches on Washington.  The march might just be feeding more fuel into the chipper-shredder of our “Demoncratic” Congress.