Canada’s Truckers Inspire Global Convoys Protesting Against Covid Fascism


Source: Federalist, BY: SHAWN FLEETWOOD, January 31, 2022

What started out as a localized protest ignored by legacy media has now devolved into a worldwide demonstration against Covid fascism. Following moves by the Canadian federal government to mandate Covid jabs for truckers crossing the U.S.-Canada border, drivers launched a protest movement dubbed the “Freedom Convoy,” which began in the western province of British Columbia early last week and arrived in the Canadian capital of Ottawa on Friday evening.

Parking outside of the nation’s Parliament Hill, the truckers were joined by thousands of Canadians to voice their opposition to the country’s increasingly draconian Covid mandates, with one participant telling the BBC that Canadians just want “to be free again.”

“[W]e want to have our choice again, and we want hope – and the government has taken that away,” Harold Jonker, a truck driver, said.

Originally expecting as many as 10,000 people by Saturday’s end, Canadian police said that by evening, “the force did not have an official estimate of the crowd’s size.” According to the Toronto Sun, the convoy “could comprise 50,000 trucks from the West, East, and even from the United States,” but noted that its actual size “has not been independently verified.”

Canada’s leftist politicians and media figures predictably attempted to smear the truckers as radical extremists, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau labeling the group as a “small, fringe minority of people who are on their way to Ottawa or who are holding unacceptable views that they are expressing do not represent the views of Canadians following the science.” Trudeau has reportedly been moved from his residence to an undisclosed location within the capital amid the ongoing protest.


A journalist for Canadian news outlet CBC decided to give her own hot take on the matter, suggesting Russia was behind the massive protest.

“Given Canada’s support of Ukraine in this current crisis with Russia, I don’t know if it is far-fetched to ask, but there is concern that Russian actors could be continuing to fuel things as this protest grows. But perhaps, even instigating it from the outset,” she said.

In the fight against their government’s totalitarian edicts, Canada’s truckers have also inspired numerous convoy-style protests across the globe. In Australia, truckers are reportedly planning a “Convoy to Canberra” protest against the country’s medical mandates and restrictions, with participants scheduled “to meet in cities in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia before making their way to the nation’s capital.”

Across the globe in the Netherlands, Dutch drivers held their own convoy protest where “everything and everyone on wheels” is welcome.

“Omrop Fryslâan reported that about 25 trucks, dozens of cars and several tractors gathered in Leeuwarden to drive past all 11 Frisian cities to protest the coronavirus restrictions,” the Netherlands Times reported Sunday. “A convoy also drove around in Overijssel, which according to RTV Oost, consists of dozens of demonstrators in trucks and cars that would move from Hengelo to Zwolle. Convoys were also seen in Noord-Holland, Flevoland and Limburg.”