Two bomb threats cause evacuation of Tucson JCC

Arizona Jewish community center evacuated on Sunday after receiving two bomb threats. The threatening call was part of a series of bomb threats called in to Jewish community centers across more than 10 states that day.


Source: Arutz Shiva 7, January 31, 2022

Two bomb threats were called into the Tucson Jewish Community Center in Tucson, Arizona on Sunday prompting an evacuation.

According to KOLD News, Tucson police said that the JCC experienced a bomb threat by phone on Sunday afternoon, which led to the building being evacuated.

But Arizona Rep. Alma Hernandez said on Twitter that the JCC experienced a second bomb threat on Sunday.

“Oh, just a casual Sunday in Tucson…where two bomb threats have been called into the Tucson JCC,” Hernandez said. “Nothing to see here, just another day of Jews being targeted. Seriously when will we catch a break? Stop terrorizing my community. Praying this is just a threat.”

Police confirmed that no explosives were found in the building. No suspects have been arrested.

The area around the building was blocked off from traffic on Sunday as law enforcement conducted an investigation but was reopened at 6:30 p.m. that evening.