Woke Criminal Justice Reform Has Completely Failed


Source: Christopher Wright, February 24, 2022

Today, we romp through some adventures in Woke criminal justice reform to show you this grand experiment has completely failed.

A spike in fentanyl overdose deaths in Colorado is directly attributable to the Democrats reducing possession of hard drugs to a misdemeanor in 2019.  Business owners in Portland are hiring private security to protect their businesses because Portland defunded the police.A man who stalked and killed an Asian woman in New York City had been arrested seven times in the previous nine months, but let go because of no-or-low-bail policies.  A Los Angeles man was arrested three times in one day because of a no-bail policy.  He’s a piker.  Back in New York, a subway mugger was arrested 16 times in one day.  In Los Angeles, low-or-no bail policies figured into the eulogy of a fallen officer in Los Angeles delivered by a police lieutenant who blamed the gang attack on the fallen officer on California’s Woke anti-police climate.  The father of a 24-year-old graduate student who was murdered in L.A. blamed politicians who let criminals roam free on the streets.

Also in L.A., police are cutting out minor traffic stops like for missing license plates in order to “eliminate bias”.  Thousands of weapons are confiscated through such enforcement, so L.A. just got more dangerous, thanks to Woke criminal justice reform.

Business leaders, police officers, prosecutors, and even Democrat politicians in New York City are criticizing the Woke D.A.’s policies for downgrading felonies, abandoning prison sentences for some crimes, and not prosecuting certain other crimes at all.  You know something’s wrong when a 32-time offender sings the praises of bail reform in New York.  He says he’s “grateful” for being let out all the time because he’s getting too old to be in jail.

Democrats in Washington state rushed to “reimagine policing” in 2021, but are reversing course now.  Last year, they ushered in new laws limiting when police can use force, use certain weapons, or chase suspects.  But now they’re going back to allowing interventions in mental health situations and loosening the weapons ban.

Another confession of error comes from Joe Biden who recently said defunding the police is not the answer.  Boy, is he singing a different tune these days.  On the campaign trail, he promised to ‘redirect’ funds away from the police.

One of the drivers of Woke criminal justice reform is so-called ‘mass incarceration’, the idea that too many young black men are in jail.  Now I’m going to say something some might consider controversial.  If you don’t want mass incarceration, then it’s time to figure out how to get young black males to voluntarily conform their behavior to the minimum standards set forth in the criminal code.  To do that, you’re going to have to disrupt the cultural scripting by which they operate – the cultural scripting that says achieving any success in life or even staying out of trouble is too ‘white’ and to be avoided at all costs.  How do I know this cultural scripting exists?  Because I watched it in action with my own two eyes when I was a criminal defense attorney for seven years with virtually all young black men for clients.  I talked to them and got to learn what made them tick.  End the destructive cultural scripting going on in the black community and you will end mass incarceration.  Turning a blind eye to crime and pretending it doesn’t exist is not the answer, as any victim of black-on-black crime will tell you.

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