Big Problems Documented in Wisconsin 2020 Election


Source: Christopher Wright, March 3, 2022

A major new report on election fraud in Wisconsin is a complete rebuke to those who claimed the 2020 election was the fairest and most secure ever.  The report found “numerous questionable and unlawful actions” by multiple actors.  The investigation is from the official Wisconsin Office of the Special Counsel.  The lead investigator is a former state Supreme Court justice who advised the state legislature to “take a hard look” at decertifying the 2020 results that declared Joe Biden the winner.

According to the report, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg broke election bribery laws by funneling nearly $9 million to get-out-the-vote efforts in Democratic strongholds in the 2020 election.  Zuckerberg funded the Center for Tech and Civic Life – CTCL – which gave out grants, supposedly for “safe and secure election administration”, but the money actually illicitly went to increasing turnout in “communities of color” in five heavily Democratic cities.  CTCL also gave the cities money to locate ballot drop boxes in “targeted neighborhoods” in violation of state law.  Election officials in those five cities broke the law by partisan campaigning and also by not treating all voters the same, a “bedrock principle” of election law.    The Democrats had nothing substantive to say in response to these allegations, merely calling the report a “clown show”.  No, here’s the clown show:  Democrats ignoring the evidence and giving every appearance of wanting to steal elections.

The Zuckerberg money worked as intended.  The report also found 95 to 100 percent voter turnout in 91 nursing homes in the five Democrat-controlled cities which received Zuckerberg money.  The Democrats have a long history of committing voter fraud in nursing homes.  I know, I’ve done the research.  There are videotaped depositions in Wisconsin, now, of family members saying their senior loved ones are mentally incompetent and haven’t voted in years, meaning government-hired, so-called ‘navigators’ voted for them.  Want to guess who they voted for?

Another Democrat said the Supreme Court justice was just dishing out “crazy conspiracy theory”, but this Democrat also failed to come to grips with any of the evidence.  Just because you want to stick your head in the sand and ignore the evidence like an ostrich doesn’t mean the evidence is not there.   Joe Biden said earlier this week Republicans are trying to keep black votes from counting at all, which may play to the crazy Democrat base but is crazy on its face.

Name-calling and hollow, empty rhetoric – this is all the Democrats have.  They’re pathetic.

Democrats, you have a choice to make.  Do you want to stand for democracy, like you keep saying you do?  Or do you want to be corrupt gangsters who make war on democracy by stealing elections?  If you can’t get your party to obey election law, I advise you to walk away.

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