Are you ready for the global cabal’s ‘Plan B’? With Covid now a fading memory, phase two of the Great Reset will surely ‘get your attention’


Source: Leo Hohmann, By Leo Hohmann, March 7, 2022

The U.S. administration of Joe Biden is now fully engaged in stoking World War III, but before any Americans can be sent to die in the Ukraine, we must feel more economic pain here at home.

If you haven’t already begun to feel it, you will soon. Gasoline has now reached an all-time record high with a national average approaching $4.50 per gallon. Expect it to reach $5 within a week, and we all know how that will affect the price of everything else, from food to hard goods to lumber, building supplies and automobiles.

Many sleepy Americans are just now starting to wake up to the fact that maybe this isn’t just a temporary price spike, like the many other blips and dips we’ve seen in the past.

Some are actually having to consider quitting their jobs because they don’t make enough money to justify the exorbitant fuel costs of driving to their place of employment. Watch video below.


Biden’s handlers are singing and dancing. The long-awaited economic collapse is finally just around the corner. They don’t want to end the war in Ukraine, they want to use it. And for that reason, it will not end anytime soon. No, it’s just getting started.

The next big move will be a major and crippling cyber attack on the U.S. infrastructure, possibly knocking out power and derailing the banking system for months. When things are brought back online, you will be “asked” to accept the new digital ID system that is even now being prepared.

As I reported in October of last year, Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano predicted that the next phase of the globalists’ plan to implement the Great Reset would involve a “major cyber attack” targeting the world’s banking and financial infrastructure. He no doubt came to that conclusion because a few months earlier, in July 2021, a scripted cyberattack simulation called Cyber Polygon took place in Europe. Sponsored in part by the World Economic Forum, it included the CEO of Sperbank , the deputy governor of the Bank of Russia and the prime minister of the Russian Federation.

Now, five months later, suddenly everyone in the establishment media, and the Russians themselves, are warning about the terrible likelihood of a Russian cyber attack.

So it probably will happen. When it does, expect to see widespread panic, people flocking to their banks only to be told their money is no longer accessible, suddenly the grocery store shelves are empty, crime and chaos exploding everywhere. In a country already horribly divided and confused as to what is truly going on, you’d better have a plan to protect your family.

Remember what Bill Gates said about the next pandemic? He smirked and said that if you were not sufficiently afraid of Covid, the next pandemic, “that will get attention this time.”

Klaus Schwab, who is Gates’ buddy at the World Economic Forum, has given dire warnings about a coming “comprehensive cyber attack” which he describes in terms of a “pandemic.” So how do we know that Gates was talking about another pathogenic virus when he said the next one would get our attention? He could have been referring to a computer virus or some sort or malware attack that would be released by Russia or China or some other entity with the goal of bringing America to its knees.

Listen to what Schwab had to say below about the “frightening scenario” of a “cyber attack that would bring a complete halt to the power supply, transportation, hospital services, our society as a whole.” He said this next attack on humanity will make Covid look like “a small disturbance.”

The global predators’ war on humanity must be viewed as a series of strategically-engineered waves designed to break down enemy strongholds, explains Patrick Wood, editor in chief of

Covid was just the first installment, softening us up and preparing the battlefield for another wave of attacks.

“No war in history has been prosecuted with just a single attack,” Wood writes. “Thus, COVID was one wave of attack. The next wave is most likely to be cyber-attack related. There could be a fourth and a fifth.”

In other words, these evil predators will roll out as many attacks as it takes to bring down the enemy, which is we the people and anyone who longs to live free and independently of the almighty biosecurity state.

“The shock-and-awe of a cyberattack, shutting down key infrastructures, would create panic and fear throughout the world, leading to the equivalent of the Patriot Act II,” Wood states. “When the global technocrat elite suggest that the only way to overcome future attacks is for everyone to have a digital identity, people will flock to it by the billions. Save us! Save us! they will cry.”

Many of the same people who bought the lies and lined up for their injections will soon be lining up to get their universally recognized digital ID that allows them to travel, buy and sell. This is the Great Reset. This is the beast system.