The Unsung White House Official Who Warned President Trump in 2017 that the Deep State Was Trying to Prematurely End his Presidency

Rich Higgins

Source: American Thinker, By John Dale Dunn, March 13, 2022

No President of The United States ever before faced anything comparable to the organized effort of officials within his administration to sabotage Donald J. Trump’s presidency and drive him from office.  The Memo by Rich Higgins [216 pp, Kindle 9.99 Hard Copy 22.34 ISBN‎-0999705938‎ Washington D.C. Calamo Press 2020] is a first and only book by an American soldier and patriot who exposes the deep state and the anti-Trump coup activities.

Rich Higgins earned his early reputation as an ordnance (explosives) expert in Iraq during and after the War for Iraqi Freedom of 2002 and 2003.  Higgins went from being an ordnance man to becoming an expert on insurgency warfare, since explosives were the favored weapons of insurgents.  They are usually outgunned and out manned so they retreat to asymmetric (guerilla) warfare heavily dependent on hit and run and explosives, which demoralize and disrupt the efforts of the larger force.

It was Higgins’s job to deter explosive disruptions planted and detonated by the opposition and that meant he developed an understanding of insurgents — their motives, strategies, limits, patterns of behavior. His depth of understanding was very valuable in Iraq and the Middle East but also at home. He transferred to the White House to provide security. He also developed a high level of expertise on IEDs and how to track and neutralize the insurgent efforts.

Higgins was convinced that George W. Bush and those military and State Department officials who parroted his position were colossally ignorant when they asserted that Islam is a Religion of Peace.  Higgins was well informed about Islam and Islamist fanatics, and he knew that the adherents of Islam were committed to conquest and terror — obliged by their religion to wage war against the infidel and to enable by force and political action the worldwide Caliphate.

He also learned that there was a widespread tribal and family culture in the Islamic world and that made a big difference in the dynamics.  When the Baathist insurgency in Iraq in 2004-5 got to the point of Muslim Baathist insurgents forcing Muslims to cook and eat their children, the opportunity to reverse the insurgency came around for the American soldiers, particularly the Marines, who had a strategy for the counterinsurgency: take advantage of building relationships with Muslims on the ground and working to create security for them and their families — a concept scholars of asymmetric warfare advocated and the Marines in particular had adopted.  Counterinsurgency builds support and cooperation of the local population by creating security for the citizenry and reducing the suffering of population from the savagery of the insurgents.

American defense experts made a big deal about the “surge” in 2007, but Higgins asserts that the turnaround in Iraq was due to Marine-led community contact and confidence developing projects. Classic counterinsurgency strategies.  That does not change the morale building efforts of the Higgins group to reduce the impact of the increasingly deadly and devastating impact of Improvised Explosive Devises (IEDs).  He helped develop sophisticated counter measures to reduce the havoc of the IED attacks.

The experience for Higgins in Iraq committed him to forever consider the “religion of peace” position to be insane and counterproductive.  Higgins also was convinced by his experience that Islamic doctrine would always be the enemy of Western Civilization. There was no place in his vision of the world for a Muslim deception that they were people of peace.

Higgins served a time as explosives security expert in the White House. He later also became a student and then a scholar expert in matters of counterinsurgency and the study of insurgency movement tactics and strategies.  Rich Higgins was the vice president of a private security consultancy, Unconstrained Analytics.  He was an executive in intelligence and national security company, RED, LLC, a company that developed, tested, and evaluated new combat resources for Department of Defense special operations and intelligence activities. In 2004, he formed the Department of Defense (DOD)’s Irregular Warfare Support (IWS) program office and served as the organization’s first Program Manager until June 2010. From 2010 to 2011, he served as the chair of special operations and low-intensity conflict at the National Defense University.  In this role, he was directly responsible for the creation of several new strategic and operational capabilities.  He separated from the Army and for a period of time he was in the private sector as a security analyst and consultant, an expert in asymmetric warfare problems and security solutions for state and private concerns.

Donald Trump attracted Higgins’s support when he ran for president in 2015 with his eyes wide open about the Muslim threat.  That made Higgins commit to political advocacy on behalf of Trump, who was finally a political figure who agreed with Higgins on security, Islam, communism, and insurrection issues and would put the United States on a more sensible course vis-a-vis the many anti-American opponents around the world and the danger that they represented that would inevitably present as asymmetric guerilla war activities.

After serving in the National Security Council in  the Trump administration for less than 3 months Mr. Higgins assessed the situation as dire for the Trump policies and the Trump administration, with a chance of a coup and he wrote this MEMO that nailed down the dangers for Trump and those who wanted him to succeed.

Remember, this memo was written within 3 months of Trump assuming office in late January of 2017 — Rich Higgins was a very alert and perceptive man.  I can say with confidence — he was smart about the deep state and other threats.

Mr. Higgins died recently after complicated surgery.

The Rich Higgins Memo

This memo was clearly the reason Mr. Higgins was dismissed from the National Security Council by the National Security Advisor, deep state actor and enemy of President Trump, General H. R. McMaster.  I have annotated text for emphasis and inserted ellipses for materials removed in the interests of space—the 5500 word memo is linked.

Rich Higgins
May 2017


The Trump administration is suffering under withering information campaigns designed to first undermine, then de legitimize and ultimately remove the President….  If action is not taken to re-scope and respond to these hostile campaigns very soon, the administration risks implosion and subsequent early departure from the White House.

This is not politics as usual but rather political warfare at an unprecedented level… the hard left is aligned with lslamist organizations at local (ANTIFA working with Muslim Brotherhood doing business as MSA and CAIR), national (ACLU and BLM working with CAIR and MPAC) and international levels (OIC working with OSCE and the UN)….  [T]hey seamlessly interoperate at the narrative level as well. In candidate Trump, the opposition saw a threat to the “politically correct” enforcement narratives they’ve meticulously laid in over the past few decades…. [T]hey see a latent threat to continue that effort to ruinous effect and their retaliatory response reflects this fear.


“The establishment and their media enablers will control over this nation through means that are very well known. Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, and morally deformed.” – President Trump, Oct 2016….

Recognizing in candidate Trump an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes….  For this cabal, Trump must be destroyed….  [T]his raises clear Title 18 (legal) concerns.

Responding to relentless personal assaults on his character, candidate Trump identified the players and the strategy:

“The establishment and their media enablers will control over this nation through means that are very well known. Anyone who challenges their control is deemed a sexist, a racist, a xenophobe, and morally deformed.” – President Trump, Oct 2016 . . .

Candidate Trump’s rhetoric in the campaign not only cut through the Marxist narrative, he did so in ways that were viscerally comprehensible to a voting bloc that then made candidate Trump the president; making that bloc self-aware in the process. President Trump is either the candidate he ran as, or he is nothing.

Recognizing in candidate Trump an existential threat to cultural Marxist memes….  For this cabal, Trump must be destroyed….


… [O]pposition to President Trump manifests itself through political warfare memes centered on cultural Marxist narratives….  [S]ome benefit from it while others are captured by it; including “deep state” actors, globalists, bankers, lslamists, and establishment RepublicansThrough the campaign, candidate Trump tapped into a deep vein of concern among many citizens that America is at risk and is slipping away. Globalists and lslamists recognize that for their visions to succeed, America, both as an ideal and as a national and political identity, must be destroyed….

Mainstream Media …  implementing narratives.

The Academy… principal counter-state….   The Deep State  —  The successful outcome of cultural Marxism is a bureaucratic state beholden to no one, certainly not the American people….

Global Corporatists & Bankers  —  Exploitation of populations, unfettered….

Democratic Leadership….  [C]ounter-state enabler… facilitates the deep state.

Republican Leadership  —  More afraid of being accused of being called a racist, sexist, homophobe or Islamophobe… accepts and enforces cultural Marxist memes… Candidate Trump’s success remains an ongoing existential threat to establishment Republicans.

lslamists  —  Islamists ally with cultural Marxist [sic] because, as far back as the 1980s, they properly assessed that the hard left has a strong chance of reducing Western civilization to its benefit… “By their own hands!” has been the declared strategy of the Muslim Brotherhood since 1991….

Complicating the current situation, many close to the president have pushed him off his message when he was candidate Trump thus alienating him from his base thereby isolating him in the process. When President Trump is not candidate Trump, he becomes dangerously exposed….

Political Warfare Attacks: A Primer  —  As used here, “political warfare” refers to political warfare as understood by the Maoist Insurgency model.  Political warfare is one of the five components of a Maoist insurgency. Maoist methodologies employ synchronized violent and non-violent actions that focus on mobilization of individuals and groups to action….  Political warfare is warfare….

Cultural Marxism: A Primer  — attacks on President Trump… [O]perate in a battle-space prepared, informed and conditioned by cultural Marxist drivers….  [P]olitical warfare assault on President Trump cannot be separated from the cultural Marxist narratives that drive them….

. . . C]ultural Marxism relates to programs and activities that arise out of Gramsci Marxism, Fabian Socialism and most directly from the Frankfurt School. The Frankfurt strategy deconstructs societies through attacks on culture by imposing a dialectic that forces unresolvable contradictions under the rubric of critical theory. The result is induced nihilism, a belief in everything that is actually the belief in nothing….

Marcuse defined tolerance as intolerance…  the objective of tolerance would call for intolerance toward prevailing policies, attitudes, opinions, and the extension of tolerance to policies, attitudes, and opinions which are outlawed or suppressed.”

• . . . This means that the ways should not be blocked on which a subversive majority could develop. . .

Battlespace…. While there is certainly a Marxist agenda and even lslamist motivations that must be seriously addressed in their own right, these motivations alone seem inadequate to explain the scope and magnitude of the effort directed against the president….  The overall objective of these economic forces is the forced urbanization of the populace, thereby necessitating a larger, more powerful government. In summary, this is a form of population control by certain business cartels in league with cultural Marxists/corporatists/lslamists who will leverage Islamic terrorism threats to justify the creation of a police state.

• . . .PUBLICITY. Publicity is the straightforward projection of a case that builds a picture in the audience’s mind designed to garner support….  There are two covert lines of effort: PROPAGANDA and INFILTRATION/SUBVERSION.

The Meta Narrative  —  Meta narratives seeks to delegitimize President Trump, his administration, and the vision of America he projected as a candidate…. “President Trump is illegitimate”
• “President Trump is corrupt”
• “President Trump is dishonest”

Supporting Narratives  — . . .

• “Russia hacked the election”  —  illegitimate
• “Obstruction of Justice”  —  corrupt
• “Hiding Collusion”  —  dishonest
• “Putin Puppet”  —  treasonous

. . . .

End State  —  Attacks on President Trump are not just about destroying him, but also about destroying the vision of America that lead to his election….  [B]ut also a demoralized movement composed of a large enough bloc to elect a president that subsequently become self-aware of its own disenfranchisement.


The recent turn of events give rise to the observation that the defense of President Trump is the defense of America….

Globalists and lslamists recognize that for their visions to succeed, America, both as an ideal and as a national and political identity, must be destroyed. Atomization of society must also occur at the individual level; with attacks directed against all levels of group and personal identity. Hence the sexism, racism and xenophobia memes…. “Transgender acceptance” memes attack at the most basic level by denying a person the right to declare the biological fact of one’s sex. When a population has 2 + 2 = 5 imposed on it, there are many that benefit:

The president can either drive or be driven by events; it’s time for him to drive.

Photo credit: Rich Higgins