EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Responds to Critics of His Positions Regarding COVID Tyranny and Ukraine


Source: Gateway Pundit, By Joe Hoft, March 23, 2022

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò provided to us his response to accusations coming from those who benefit from COVID and Ukraine. 

Archbishop Vigano provided us his response to recent accusations by those who don’t like what he is courageously saying about COVID and Ukraine.

Vigano shares:

It seems simplistic to dismiss everything with the accusation of “conspiracy theory” against those who denounce the plots instead of those who plot them, especially when the conspiracy is admitted by its own architects, starting with Soros’ involvement in the Euromaidan color revolution.  But if we see that a member of Pravij Sektor, Serhiy Dybynyn, was immortalized during the farce of the assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 (here and here), the idea that something is not exactly as they tell us starts to dawn even on people less inclined to “connect the dots.”

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Of course it is very strange that, in the face of a series of facts agreed on both by doctors and scientists (with regard to criticism of the experimental serum) and by political scientists and experts in international strategy (with regard to the present Russian-Ukrainian crisis), these two friends and colleagues – De Mattei and Weigel – are undertaking a joint action against me, not because of what I say – they are careful not to refute anything I have said by debating the facts or producing clear evidence – but simply deciding ex cathedra that since I do not share their positions on the pandemic or the Ukrainian conflict, I must be silenced without appeal, because of an alleged duty of respect towards “their” truth.

Archbishop Vigano is being vilified for not supporting a war with Russia.

Those who reproach me for “repeating the Kremlin propaganda point by point” should explain what in my analysis does not correspond to the reality of the facts, and why they do not consider the propaganda of the deep state to be such, which thus far has proven to falsify reality in a way that borders on the grotesque, beginning with the case of American biolabs on Ukrainian territory, whose existence has been denied by the White House but affirmed by the WHO (here), which asked that the pathogens be destroyed…

The Biden family’s involvement in Burisma and other corruption in Ukraine was even acknowledged by Joe Biden in a video, as was the media propaganda operation to cover up the evidence of collusion with the Ukrainian regime – and more – that was recovered on Hunter’s laptop (here). The deliberate destruction of civilian infrastructure blamed on the Russians is proving – based on multiple testimonies of Ukrainian citizens – to have been caused largely by Zelensky’s militias, including neo-Nazi paramilitary formations, which have been denounced as guilty of war crimes by the UN and Amnesty International since the Euromaidan revolution. The sending of arms to Ukraine is causing very serious cases of summary justice, settling of scores and lynchings that have no legitimacy and that put the population in serious danger. A few days ago, a load of weapons was intercepted on a plane that officially was supposed to be bringing “humanitarian aid” from the Italian government to Ukraine. The censorship in Europe of the broadcasters Russia Today and Sputnik is right in line with the unification of all the information platforms that Zelensky has ordered in recent days, and also the suppression of the eleven opposition parties (here): a strange way of implementing “Western values,” “democracy” and “freedom of the press.” Soros’ role in the Maidan revolution was declared by the “philanthropist” himself (here), who took credit for financing the insurgency that led to the deposing of the democratically elected pro-Russian President Yanukovych and replacing him with Poroshenko, who was approved by the US and NATO. The presence of neo-Nazi forces was declared by the US Congress, which in 2015 suspended the training of neo-Nazis of the Azov battalion in the US with an amendment that was later canceled due to pressure from the CIA (here). The violations of the Kiev agreements and the persecution of the Russian-speaking minority in Donbass has been extensively documented by international organizations and the media that today censor their own news stories (here): more than 14,000 victims of this ethnic cleansing against Russian-speaking citizens are estimated. The Zelensky government not only did not oppose this violence by neo-Nazi groups, but deliberately denied it and regularized the Azov battalion as an official military force.

The ideological continuity between the pandemic farce and the Russian-Ukrainian crisis continues to emerge, beyond the evidence of the events and statements of the subjects involved, in the fact that the ultimate perpetrators of both are the same, all attributable to the globalist cabal of the World Economic Forum. By way of example, Secretary of State Tony Blinken is the founder of the strategic consulting firm WestExec Advisors, connected to the Davos Forum, which has over 20 of its people in the Biden Administration (herehere and here). Many WestExec employees have been or still are in very close relationship with the World Economic Forum, starting with Michelle Flournoy and Jamie Smith, as Politico has denounced (here).

These are not “conspiracy theories, but facts. Period!

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