Islam: In Their Own Words


Source: Liberato – Daily Skirmish, By Christopher Wright, March 3, 2023

A friend of mine said last week he didn’t see how Islam is much of a threat in America.  I said in response you can’t properly judge a situation if you don’t follow the news on it.  We’ll see what you think after I bring you up to date about Islam in the United States.  Everything I’m about to tell you is from their own words and deeds and, primarily, from Muslims right here at home.

Let’s start with Jew hatred.  A Muslim cleric in California called Jews a “bigoted and arrogant breed of people opposed by all living creatures.”  He talked about killing Jews on Judgment Day by any means available.  He quoted a hadith – Islamic holy scripture – while doing so.  The Muslim mayor of Muslim-controlled Hamtramck, Michigan said Jews are “monkeys” who tax “the air we breathe.”  For good measure, he approved of a social media post calling black people “animal” and “inhuman”.

Jews aren’t Islam’s only target.  Women and children are also at risk.  An imam in Miami disparaged women’s rights, saying women in Afghanistan are doing just fine and we should worry about our own women.  Women’s rights make women vulnerable to sexual assault, he implied.  A Muslim lecturer born in Houston said in a speech wife-beating is acceptable because the Quran permits it.  Another Muslim preacher based in the U.S. justified Muslim men taking women as spoils of war and turning them into sex slaves, citing chapter and verse from the Quran for doing so.   I don’t know what American woman in her right mind could possibly think Islam is cute or want to get anywhere near it after hearing this.

Speaking of sex slaves, literature found in a mosque in Dearborn Heights, Michigan justified child brides and temporary marriage for sex.  You might recall the mosque in Philadelphia that became notorious in 2019 for facilitating child marriages.

Before you men think you’re safe, you should know that an imam in Minnesota preaches, “Non-Muslims are worse than animals.”  Muslims should hate non-Muslims, according to a Muslim cleric in New York.

Then there’s the crazy talk.  An imam in New York blamed the COVID pandemic on American women showing too much ankle.  He’s like the imam in Iran who blamed a drought on women not wearing the hijab.  Women can’t possibly have caused the pandemic because everybody knows gay marriage caused the pandemic, right?  That’s according to an Islamic political leader in Iraq.

Islamic crazy talk might be humorous, but it’s certainly not harmless.  A man in Seattle who killed four people later admitted he was “misguided” by the instructions of Islamic jihad.  A prominent American imam said, “If [Christians and Jews] don’t [convert to Islam,] their life and property are halal [free for the taking] for the Muslims.”  A Muslim professor in Ohio defended the death fatwa placed on Salman Rushdie.   An imam in Nigeria endorsed putting former Muslims to death for apostasy in a sermon based on the Quran which, therefore, could have been delivered anywhere in the world.

It may seem crazy to us, but Islam’s endgame is world domination under sharia law, with violent jihad as the means to achieve it.  Several recent news stories serve to remind us this is Islam’s unwavering goal.  The man called ‘America’s most popular imam’ met with a leading Islamic televangelist living in exile in Malaysia who has said “every Muslim should be a terrorist.”  He has also said he is in solidarity with the ideology of Osama Bin Laden.  A Muslim leader in Illinois said Muslims will inherit the earth and a caliphate is coming.  Another Muslim cleric, also in Illinois, said, “We all have a higher goal… that is bigger than us, and that is the establishment of the caliphate.”  A guest imam at a Philadelphia mosque called for the imposition of sharia on the entire world.

Just because we’re not seeing a lot of violent jihad attacks in America at the moment doesn’t mean they’re not coming or that Muslims have given up their goal of world domination.  We’re not seeing a lot of violent attacks because Muslims are steadily making progress in politics and cultural acceptance.  They don’t need to be violent at the moment.  They have, for the most part, switched to dawah – advancing Islam through non-violent means.  But remember this: Muslims have a religious duty to lie to outsiders if it will further the cause of Islam.  This is called ‘taqiyah’.  Dawah works in a pincer movement with jihad toward the same goal – world domination.  In Germany, Muslims admitted deliberately speaking the language of peace and love to the infidels while conspiring to conquer Germany amongst themselves.

Follow the news and you will get a completely different picture of what Muslims in America are up to.  You have been warned.