‘FBI True’ Series – But What’s the Other Half of it?


Source: Frontpage Mag, By David Baldovin, May 19, 2023

The real ugly – and treasonous – part.

A new series on Roku’s Paramount + Channel titled FBI True caught my attention and aroused my curiosity. It was put together by a retired FBI Agent, Anne Beagan who has founded her own production company, in concert with one Craig Turk. It features real agents talking about real cases, and is hosted by one of two retired agents, either Cindy Coppola or Kristy Kottis. The film footage is real, not reenacted

Two episodes in the Paramount TV series specifically caught my attention, one being the episode titled “Boston Marathon Manhunt;” the other being the “San Bernadino Mass Shooting.”

The location of these interviews is the Arts & Crafts Beer Parlor in downtown Manhattan. The opening introduction for each series goes something like this, in part, “In the FBI we make a lot of headlines. We understand why people want to tell stories about us. But they don’t know the half of it.”

I have watched several episodes and overall, in my opinion, it is a pretty good series. I enjoyed watching some of my retired colleagues talking about cases they worked on.

I would agree with the above quoted introduction narrative that my prior employer is certainly making a lot of headlines these days, of course not to the Bureau’s credit. Many of my active duty colleagues are apparently violating their oaths of office by aiding and abetting the Communist enemy within, having become the enforcement arm of an anti-American political party, here and here. But I digress.

Now, let us explore the real other “half of it” regarding these two TV episodes, probably unknown by many concerning the Marxist/Muslim Brotherhood enemy within.

I attribute my knowledge of Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood to one Phil Haney,  deceased, (and others), a patriot and a founding member of the U. S. Department of Homeland Security,  author of “See Something Say Nothing: A Homeland Security Officer Exposes the  Government’s Submission to Jihad,” here.

I interviewed Phil for two days in 2019, prior to his 2020 demise. One can watch and listen to Haney here, and here, as he expounds on the Boston Marathon Jihad attack as well as the Jihadi attack in San Bernadino.

Predictably neither the words Islam or Jihad are mentioned in the respective TV episodes. The closest one comes is when retired Los Angeles Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Stephen Woolery comments that the San Bernadino shooters were “devout.” Devout what?

Further, if one listens to retired Boston SAC Rick DesLauriers comment initially about the possible perpetrator(s) of the bombing, he mentions “a domestic terrorist tax protestor.” It was April 15, tax filing day. However, what about the possibility of a Jihadi attack? And, if were to be considered, one must never of course utter Islamic Doctrinal motivations for violence. Does it not still fit in to this very day what is going on with the FBI and the subversive and false Obama era narrative? You know, those domestic terrorist “insurrectionists?”

I will let Haney speak for himself. He needs no comment from me about this other “real half of it.” Like Otto Otepka before him, here, his own government turned on him and by extension the American people.  The aforementioned Red enemy within combined with the Green, (Muslim Brotherhood), known together as the Red Green axis, here, is what Haney was up against.

Listen and you will learn. Besides the specifics about Boston and San Bernadino, Haney is a wealth of historical knowledge.

Are the hosting agents of these episodes, SAC Woolery or SAC DesLauriers, aware of how they had been kneecapped by the Obama Administration concerning the 2011 purging of FBI training materials with regards to Islamic doctrine as a motivation for Jihad, here? One does not know what one does not know, except in this case it is purposeful and treasonous.

Besides Haney’s interview, I offer two more items to help the reader decide about the “half of it.” These would be a video produced by Americans for Peace and Tolerance, here; and an article published in The Middle East Quarterly (Middle East Forum), the fall 2013 edition, volume 20, number 4, by Dawn Perlmutter, here.

In my effort to relocate the Perlmutter article I found an article titled “What Happened in the 100 Hours Following the Boston Bombing,” by Erin Corbett dated April 12, 2023. It is under the umbrella further titled “The Timeline From The Boston Marathon Bombing Documentary” on Netflix Tudum, here. Here is an excerpt from that article-

“But on April 15, 2013, domestic terrorists detonated two pressure cooker bombs near the finish line, killing three people and injuring hundreds more. What followed was a national effort to track down the two young men who carried out the attack: brothers Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.”

This further illustrates the depth of the propaganda and subversion in our culture.

Could these two Jihadi attacks have been prevented? I do not know for sure nor did Phil Haney. But never the less they possibly could have been, along with the Orlando Pulse Night Club attack, if certain cases had not been deleted out of the system as Haney discusses.

In closing I do not personally fault my retired colleagues for possibly not knowing what is contained herein. They have been successfully subverted. Here is the Muslim Brotherhood Strategic Plan for North America. It is known as evidence. Unfortunately however, ladies and gents, I must report that when shown factual evidence many of my retired FBI colleagues to my dismay indeed have chosen to turn a blind eye and ignore what in my opinion has been the successful Red/Green subversion of the bureau.

Now you know the real ugly, and treasonous, “half of it.”

David J. Baldovin is a retired FBI Agent, whose oath is not retired.