Rashida Tlaib, Cori Bush DEFEND Antifa-linked domestic terrorists in ‘Stop Cop City’ RICO case


Source: The Post Millennial, September 18, 2023

The pair said the indictment “reads less like a legal document and more like a MAGA manifesto.”

Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Cori Bush have come out in defense of far-left agitators indicted for their role in the violent “Stop Cop City” protests against the creation of a police training facility near Atlanta, Georgia.

The Squad members deemed the construction of the compound “racist,” and suggested the decision to prosecute those who tried to prevent the project from taking off was “dangerous and dystopian.”

“Last week, Georgia’s Republican attorney general doubled down on his politically motivated prosecution of protesters, charging 61 people with state [Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act] charges,” the duo wrote in a September 14 piece for The Nation.

They claimed Christopher Carr was “sending a clear message that dissent will be punished,” and that the indictment “reads less like a legal document and more like a MAGA manifesto.”

Tlaib and Bush referred to the police training facility as “the apex of injustice,” and stated in no uncertain terms that they “stand against these dangerous and dystopian efforts to criminalize the protection of the planet, threaten the health and safety of Black and brown communities, and transform political advocacy into ‘terrorism’ punished with extreme charges and sentences.”

They dismissed the domestic terrorism charges handed down to numerous Antifa-linked agitators, claiming prosecutors relied on “baseless evidence and minor offenses.”

Of the 61 defendants hit with RICO charges, a majority had already been charged with domestic terrorism or other serious offenses in the months prior to the roundup, and their alleged activities were meticulously outlined both by journalists as well as the indictment, where they were collectively branded an “enterprise of militant anarchists, eco-activists and community organizers.”

For months, far-left agitators wreaked havoc on the area, carrying out numerous attacks, setting up potentially deadly booby traps, and generally making it impossible for officials to move forward on the project.

“They hold a core belief that society should abolish police, government, and private business, and as further alleged they’re willing to bring about such changes ‘by any means necessary’ including violence,” Carr said following the indictment, adding that the group recruited and trained individuals from Georgia and beyond “to participate in this criminal enterprise.”

Tlaib and Bush nonetheless presented those facing prosecution as non-violent resistors, even going so far as to compare them to icons of the civil rights era who had been arrested for simply exercising their constitutional rights.

“Regardless of one’s politics,” the pair concluded, “every person in our country should be able to advocate for what they believe in, which is why it is crucial that we pay attention to what is happening in Cop City.”