Western Women, Wake Up! Islam Is Not Your Friend


Source: Liberato.us, By Clare M. Lopez, September 2023

“Egypt: Muslim stabs his sister in the neck, killing her, because she got engaged without his consent” by Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, September 14, 2023

  • In observant Islamic communities, women are not independent actors but subservient their entire lives to a male: father, brother, son…who are raised to believe they have the right to complete control over the lives of women in their family. Even state-level criminal codes in many Islamic countries treat so-called “honor” crimes very leniently.

“Anti-Islamic State (ISIS) Outlet Publishes ISIS Internal Document Discussing Measures Taken To Deal With ‘Female Slaves’ Who Suffer From AIDS In Group’s Mozambique Province – Pro-ISIS Outlet Asserts Authenticity Of Document”, Middle East Media Research Institute, August 17, 2023

  • This is definitely an odd one. An online channel affiliated with Al-Qa’eda but opposed to the Islamic State (IS) got access to an IS document dated January 9, 2022. The document describes how female slaves who’d been given to IS fighters in should be treated if found to have contracted AIDS. Enslavement of these women and their forced marriages to IS fighters is considered normal and taken for granted. If testing shows they have AIDS, however, the marriages are dissolved, and the women are then married off to an IS fighter who likewise has AIDS. They can also be offered for ransom or killed if they refuse to become Muslims.

“UK: Previously deported Muslim migrant rapist brutally beats, rapes 66-year-old London woman” by Christine Douglass-Williams at Jihad Watch, September 12, 2023.

  • Over the last decades, Western European countries have opened their borders to untold thousands of unvetted migrants, many from Islamic societies whose moral codes are at complete odds with rule of law in Europe. Muslim men now prey regularly upon women of all ages across the continent. Under Islamic Law (sharia), sexual assault against infidel women is completely permissible.

“UK: Muslim father urged to flee country to avoid being ‘mistreated for being Muslim’ after killing his daughter” by Christine Douglass-Williams at Jihad Watch, September 12, 2023

  • After murdering his 10-year-old daughter, this Pakistani father was advised to flee Britain, lest he “would be mistreated for being Muslim”. No, he would not be “mistreated for being Muslim”, but he might face the legal consequences for murder in a civilized country. Of course, under Islamic Law (sharia), a father faces absolutely no consequences for killing his own child.

“IntelBrief: Two Years After the Taliban Takeover, a Surge of Suicides Among Afghan Women” at The Soufan Center, September 7, 2023

  • Is it any wonder that the women of Afghanistan, once again under brutal Taliban rule, are suffering a massive mental health crisis? We’ll recall that it was Noah Feldman (protégé of then-Dean of Harvard Law School, now U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan) who was tasked by the U.S. State Department to draft the Afghan constitution that went into effect in 2004. It’s only necessary to read the first three Articles to see that our own U.S. government drafted a document that placed Afghanistan and all its people under Islamic Law. For whatever reason, however, this constitution was abolished by the Taliban regime that took over Afghanistan in 2021 after the U.S. flight from the country. With or without that constitution, the women of Afghanistan are treated as chattel with their human rights completely abused and denied, as per strict enforcement of Islamic Law.