Israelis abroad urged to take extra care on Friday as Hamas calls for ‘day of rage’

The Israeli flag flutters in the middle of the European (L) and the German flag in front of the Reichstag building hosting the Bundestag, the German lower house of Parliament in Berlin, while the German Chancellor gave a speech over the Israel-Hamas conflict during a Bundestag session on October 12, 2023.

Source: The Times of Israel, By  GIANLUCA PACCHIANI , October 13, 2023

Foreign Ministry and National Security Council warn that global rallies in support of Gaza and its terrorist rulers may turn violent, with Israelis and Jews targeted

The Foreign Ministry and the National Security Council issued a joint statement on Thursday evening urging all Israelis who are abroad to take extra care on Friday, citing the Hamas terror group’s call on its supporters worldwide to participate in a “Day of Rage.”

Consequently, the statement warned, there would likely be protests in various countries, that might turn violent, with Israelis and Jews potentially targeted.

Israelis abroad were advised to “show alertness, stay away from protests and demonstrations, and if possible get updates from local security forces about possible protests and incidents of unrest around them.”

Hamas called for mass rallies in the West Bank, Jerusalem and throughout the Arab and Muslim world. It urged young Palestinians in the West Bank to “rise up and go out in roaring crowds,” and clash with settlers and soldiers in the area.


Hamas also appealed to Palestinians in the diaspora, as well as “the free people of our Arab and Islamic nation all around the world,” to gather in “the closest point to Jerusalem” — a call it has made since its devastating invasion of southern Israel on Saturday — in order to show their solidarity with the terror group and stop ostensible “Israeli plans to Judaize Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.”

Palestinian supporters march through central Sydney, October 9, 2023. Hundreds of pro-Palestinian protesters gathered at the Sydney Opera House, which was planned to be illuminated in the colors of the Israeli flag following the weekend Hamas attack on Israel, while police advised the Jewish community to stay away. (AP Photo/Rick Rycroft)

The conflict erupted after Hamas terrorists burst through the Gaza border fence and rampaged through the south, slaughtering some 1,300 people, the vast majority of them civilians, and taking at least 100 captives to Gaza.

As evidence emerged of the brutality with which Hamas terrorists massacred civilians, the organization has attempted to salvage its image in the eyes of the international community, claiming untruthfully and against overwhelming evidence that it did not harm civilians.