Michael Yon on X: Hamas Raping and Killing Women — Darien Gap is WIDE OPEN FOR BUSINESS


Source: Michael Yon on X, October 8, 2023

Meanwhile uncategorized Arabs flow through Darien every hour. Including “Palestinians” I personally encounter. Jews and others have nowhere to run because not tossing out vaxxing-and other self-destructive governments.

As of today, illegal aliens are able to pass straight through Colombia, Panama, Costal Rica, with very little human-made delay and a great deal of human facilitation, especially so by United States and UN. UN has massive presence in Panama. US funds and facilitates UN.

After crossing Darien Gap from Colombia into Panama, unidentified aliens load buses (now right in from of me) and can as of today drive completely through Panama into Costa Rica to Nicaraguan border. Price now per head for bus ride from Darien is $60 per person over five years-old. People who do not have the $60 can work for five days around camp to pay for ticket.

Presidents of Costa Rica and Panama came to Lajas Blancas camp on 06 October 2023. We were there again yesterday, on 07Oct23, aliens had been held back in the jungle reducing the numbers the press-cameras saw. Lajas Blancas camp had been cleaned of trash before arrival.

A source currently in Bajo Chiquito village (3 hours upriver from Lajas Blancas by piragua) told me two minutes ago that 1500 illegal aliens boarded 100 piraguas in past 2 hours en route to Lajas Blancas Camp. Piraguas are dugout canoes — 15 to 20 per aliens per piragua.

This reconciles with what I am seeing right now coming in from Bajo Chiquito. With new agreement between Panama and Costa Rica to open border between Panama and Costa Rica, these aliens can now immediately proceed through Panama and Costa Rica in roughly 1 day. In summary, this means the Chinese route through South America to United States, the route typically starting in Quito, Ecuador, can facilitate Chinese landing in South America and then entering United States within roughly 2 weeks. Some Chinese can do within 10 days depending on the breaks. In other words, a Chinese spy/soldier can leave China and take the Southern route and be anywhere in America within about 2 weeks without any trace of entering America.

Currently roughly 60 buses per day are making the journey from Darien. A source told me yesterday the next phase starting soon will bring this to 200 buses. Two brand new camps are being built in the Darien.

This accurate and direct information and more is the source of my estimate that at least 10,000 aliens per day will be successfully crossing through Panama to United States. The new bridge building and other infrastructure being built along the route will easily create conditions for 3-4 million per year through Panama. I know this route very well. A few more tweaks can pave way for a million per month coming through here.