David Friedman on X: Protestors Financial Support, Follow the Money!


Source: David Friedman on X, October 28, 2023

How do tens of thousands of angry vile protestors calling for the destruction of Israel just appear almost spontaneously in major cities across the world?

Do they really care about this conflict? Most can’t even spell Israel and none have ever been there.

And why aren’t they out protesting other perceived oppressions that actually are far more pernicious? Russia invading Ukraine and destroying apartment houses? China placing over 1 million ethnic Muslims in concentration camps? Iran shooting it’s own citizens seeking freedom? The Taliban turning Afghanistan back into a Sharia state? Syria gassing its own people?

The protestors selective outrage is not happenstance. Nor is their incredibly quick mobilization. This is all part of the Hamas plan, coordinated with Iran, that has been planned for over two years. It included a massive international PR campaign.

Iran saw the radical movements in America, from BLM to Defund the Police, as useful idiots to aid their cause. They bought shelf space at all their protests and negotiated intersectional support. We need to follow the money here and we will find that these protestors are all bought and paid for by the most corrupt and destructive financial sources on the planet.