1 Nov! Israel Has Entered Critical Gaza Streets! That Country Has Officially Declared War!


Source: Raptor News, November 2023

Netanyahu officially announced the start of the big operation. Israeli troops have entered Gaza. The Gaza Strip is divided into 2 zones and communication is about to be completely cut off. The Israeli ground operation is advancing through 3 main points and the Israeli forces are supported by the air force for 24 hours. The biggest ground operation of the war has officially started with the firing of flares from the south of Gaza. Al-Qassam brigades began to move in groups through the alleyways to stop the Israeli forces and the first hot clashes broke out. The Israeli army entered Hamas tunnels and published photographs. Since the Hamas terrorist organisation was unable to offer stiff resistance to the ground advance during this period, they began to launch rocket attacks on Israeli territory. Air warning systems have been activated all along the coastal strip. Following the statements of resistance by Al-Qassam and Hamas organisations, Yemen made an official statement and announced that it declared war on Israel. It seems that the Israeli air force has taken very heavy measures. Against a possible attack from Lebanon, all Hezbollah camps were hit.