Insiders, Fifth Columnists, and Other Traitors Destroying America


Source: America Outloud, By , November 2, 2023

The US House of Representatives has a Speaker at last. This fellow, Mike Johnson, from Louisiana, looks like he’s right out of central casting for a Christian nerd TV series. But he says the right things about what the purpose of Congress is, especially husbanding the people’s money, referring first to voting on appropriation bills individually rather than combining their “investments” in Continuing Resolutions that hide funding of special projects that nobody likes except the Deep State Uniparty.

The House also passed a resolution in support of Israel, which brings us around to an important question as to America’s survivability. Who are America’s friends, and who are its enemies?

I don’t see Joe Biden as a political enemy; he’s just a stupid crook out of his depth! But, anybody who shouts out “Free Palestine” and “From the river to the sea” is effectively telling us they are anti-Semitic enemies of America. These hundreds of pro-Palestinian rioters suddenly appearing on college campuses everywhere, anti-semites all, demonstrating against Israel’s response to the Hamas terrorist attack and who are not, in fact, Islamic jihadists but indoctrinated college students, are certifiable enemies of America as well as Israel.

If they are indeed legitimate American-born, their college educations should be terminated immediately, with prejudice. Foreign students here on visas should be sent home with prejudice as well, meaning they are listed on terrorist watch lists. State jurisdictions should consider leveling criminal charges, as appropriate, against these demonstrators who acted beyond their First Amendment limits and actually attacked and threatened Jews on our streets.

College administrators who permitted these unAmerican activities should be fired immediately. Jews harmed or frightened by the antics of these fifth columnists should file lawsuits at least for assault and battery.

We have traitorous enemies within our basic structure of government itself, like the “squad.” Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), a case in point, is a loud-mouthed advocate for Hamas terrorism and the death of the Jews. Because she’s a Muslim rather than an American, it causes us to wonder why, harboring her Islamic hatred for Jews, she is even permitted to serve in the Congress of a country she despises as much as Israel.

If Islam is the theocratic enemy of America and Israel, why is it permitted to participate in any form of America’s governing? That’s like setting the fox in the hen house. We do have some alarmed Congresspersons who have taken steps to correct the issue. Immediately after the House returned to business, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) turned up the heat on Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI. ), urging new Speaker Mike Johnson to authorize a vote for censure against her. Tlaib went spastic, avoided questions by reporters, and refused to confirm or deny her anti-Israeli comment.

Tlaib maintains a Palestinian flag in front of her office door, conspired with anti-semitic groups to lead an insurrection in a Capitol office building, and actively participated in a demonstration calling for a ceasefire” to prevent Israeli retaliating against Hamas. Why did Israel retaliate? Because Hamas, not a signatory to the Geneva War accords that govern how states should behave when killing one another, without warning, massacred hundreds of Jews in a surprise attack against the State of Israel. Japan attacked Pearl Harbor without warning (they tried), and we destroyed them. Hamas did precisely the same to Israel. Israel has the right to destroy them as well.

Tlaib will not even acknowledge the bestiality of the Jihadists’ murders of babies and small children; indeed denies it even happened. I wonder what her reaction would be upon seeing the photo taken of a baby roasted alive in an oven in a kibbutz kitchen? Schumer has a decision to make. “Oh, how like unto a serpent’s tooth is the ungrateful” Jew.

The president’s daily schedule is a matter of public review, but Biden, who was three days late in condemning the Hamas attack and unspeakable murders of Israelis, quietly invited several Muslim leaders to the White House for consultations. That meeting was not in the presidential diary. Why? He’s in deep water over his head, so turns to quietly trying to assure both sides of his fidelity.

Yet, he sends as America’s Ambassador to Israel, a Jew hater, Jack Lew, once Obama’s Secretary of the Treasury and champion of Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran, the deal Trump canceled. He previously served once as Obama’s US Ambassador to Israel. Why are we surprised? We shouldn’t be because Biden also sent one Robert Malley as special envoy to Iran. Malley has since been suspended because he’s suspected of being secretly linked to an Iranian spy ring.” He’s under Investigation by Biden’s FBI. I wonder how that will turn out. Hes another fifth columnist whose job it was to find positions in the US State Department and Pentagon for Iranian spies to influence pro-Iranian decisions. They also were tasked with recruiting Americans as spies for Iran. Only the FBI knows how that turned out.

FBI Director Christopher Wray just told Congress about his fear of the potential rise of terrorism here in America, focusing on potential Islamophobic domestic terrorists. Reading between the lines, he was really setting up MAGA Trump supporters for Soviet-style arrests, trials, and incarceration. They now know how because they’ve already done it with the Jan 6 protestors. Nancy Pelosi managed to alter the meaning of the term ‘Domestic Terrorist’ in the Patriot Act, from Jihadists living in America to Trump’s MAGA supporters. Their hunt is still on. I hope the new Speaker, Mike Johnson, can reverse that terrible trend because it’s now that we need it to work for Americans, not against them.

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!