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Jordanian national living illegally in Texas accused of ‘studying how to build bombs’ to target Jews: reports

Sohaib Abuayyash is the man FBI Director Christopher Wray was referring to during a congressional hearing, FOX 26 Houston confirmed. (Obtained by FOX 26 Houston)

Source: Foxnews, By Pilar Arias, November 3, 2023

Jordanian national Sohaib Abuayyash arrested in Texas and charged with unlawful possession of a firearm

Authorities in Texas have arrested a man accused of “studying how to build bombs” for a possible attack against Jewish people, and the FBI director used his case as an example of increased risk of terror attacks in the U.S.

“We’ve already seen that with the individual we arrested last week in Houston who had been studying how to build bombs and posted online his support for killing Jews,” FBI Director Chris Wray said during a congressional hearing this week.

The man he was referring to is 20-year-old Sohaib Abuayyash, FOX 26 confirmed from an FBI source. The FBI referred Fox News Digital to the publicly filed court documents, which show Abuayyash was in the country illegally.

Court documents obtained by the TV station say the Jordanian national arrived in the U.S. on June 2, 2016, on a B2 tourism visa and left about two months later.

“Using a Palestine passport, Abuayyash returned to the United States in June 2019. In January 2020, Abuayyash applied for an Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal, which is still pending. In August 2023, Abuayyash was approved for an employment authorization in the United States, allowing him to work in the U.S. until August 1, 2025. Abuayyash’s immigration status doesn’t allow him to possess or use firearms or ammunition,” FOX 26 stated.

Sohaib Abuayyash posted trainings to social media
One of Sohaib Abuayyash’s social media posts had the words “Airsoft gun TikTok” on it. (Obtained by FOX 26 Houston)
Sohaib Abuayyash training with weapons
Sohaib Abuayyash, a 20-year-old Jordanian national, was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm. (Obtained by FOX 26 Houston)

Abuayyash was arrested in the Houston area in October for unlawful possession of a firearm, according to federal court documents.

A public defender for Abuayyash declined to comment to Fox News Digital.

Abuayyash previously allegedly posted several images and videos of him training with firearms on social media accounts.

According to CBS News, the judge’s order that detained Abuayyash states that he “has made statements that he wants to go to Gaza to fight.”

Sohaib Abuayyash at a shooting range
Sohaib Abuayyash is seen at a shooting range in Texas. (Obtained by FOX 26 Houston)

The FBI is not currently tracking any credible threats against the U.S. from terrorist groups, Wray said Tuesday.

“Here in the United States our most immediate concern is that violent extremist individuals or small groups will draw inspiration from the events in the Middle East to carry out attacks against Americans going about their daily lives,” Wray said, according to Houston Public Media.