Video: HAMAS Leader, Ghazi “Headbanger” Hamad tells USA College students HAMAS must “Annihilate Israel”


HAMAS Leader, Ghazi “Headbanger” Hamad tells USA College students HAMAS must “Annihilate Israel”

This is really an amazing video where Ghazi “Headbanger” Hamad, a VERY bigshot at HAMAS, just goes total jihad berserk and truthfully tells the TV host that the HAMAS has one goal, to annihilate Jews, kill them all and throw them out of Israel.

To those of us who under stand the doctrine of Islam, this is not surprise, but the woketards working on their gender intersectionality PhD’s are certainly going apoplectic when they watch a highly devout, religiously observant adherent of this 7th Century satanism stating unequivocally, GET RID OF THE DAMN JEWS!

We are in a war, indeed a clash of civilizations, between totalitarian Islamic theocracy and Constitutional Democracy, as detailed in the Judeo-Christian worldview.

Choose, in this epic battle, which side you will mount your stand.

A prayer callus, zabiba or zebiba (Arabic: زبيبة zabība, “raisin”) is a callus on the forehead present in some devout praying Muslims, mainly in Egypt. Owing to its societal significance it is also known as the “devout sign” Among notable Egyptian leader Anwar Sadat’s reputation for personal piety was evidenced by a callus on his forehead from repeated prostration in prayer.

#DefendConstitution #DefendIsrael #DefeatMohammad #DefeatKarlMarx

Hamas attacked Israel, Hamas is here on U.S. soil! Join us to stand against the enemy of Freedom, against Judeo-Christian Liberty, and against terrorists wanting to destroy America!