Muslim Subjugation of Women Is the Same the World Over


Source: Sharia Tip Sheet, By Clare Lopez, November 2023

This month, we include follow-up on the unspeakable atrocities HAMAS jihadis inflicted on Jewish women and girls on 7 October 2023 during the Shabbat Massacre. Including also a few other reports from elsewhere in the world, including Western Europe and right here in the USA.

First, a 5 November 2023 Twitter/X posting from a woman identified as a “Female Islamic Scholar” on the permissibility of taking sex slaves from among non-Muslims and raping them. In this way, they attempt to justify rape during the Shabbat Massacre.

Hamas Targeted Israeli Women With Rape and Unspeakable Atrocities, Israelis Say” by Dan M. Berger at Epoch Times, 11/16/2023

“Kingwood teen allegedly beat, choked by own mother for not wearing hijab in social media post” by Bryce Newberry at, October 4, 2023.
This took place near Houston, Texas.

“Pakistan: Abducted and Forcibly Married Christian Girls Seek Justice in Courts” by Marco Respinti at, October 24, 2023

“Austria: Afghan Muslim migrant beats his sister because she goes to school” at, October 26, 2023
In Austria, Western Europe.

Afghan girls’ education advocate is freed from Taliban prison” from the Associated Press, October 26, 2023.
A good news story, for a change!