Virulent U.S. Jihadis Kill Police, Attack Jews, Support Hamas Terrorists


Source:, December 2023

Ahmed Mohamed Nassar shoots, kills two hostages, SWAT police officer in standoff in Austin

  • shooter was on the terror watch list
  • he possessed body armor, night vision goggles, and ballistic helmets
  • search warrant listed explosive devices and bomb-making materials

National security experts warn America at risk for Hamas terror

  • Former Customs and Border Protection chief warns Hamas and other Islamic jihadists are already here in the U.S. waiting to strike, thanks to Biden’s open borders policies
  • influx of worrisome aliens continues; 100 Syrian and 50 Iranian nationals apprehended by the Border Patrol since the beginning of October
  • Republican senators sound alarm after Border Patrol catches border crossers with improvised explosive devices the “size of cannonballs … tailor-made for terrorism”

There have been lots of pro-Hamas protests.  Here’s just one example:

  • pro-Palestinian protesters kill Jewish man, Paul Kessler, in altercation in Los Angeles

“Fifty-seven percent of Muslims living in America believe Hamas’s massacre was justified.”

  • Manassas mosque near D.C. explicitly declares support for Hamas in newsletter
  • Maryland imam praises October 7th slaughter in Israel as a “great victory”

Palestinian who illegally overstayed visa arrested for plotting to attack Jews in Houston

Woman police labeled as ‘terrorist’ smashes her car into what she thought was a Jewish school in Indianapolis

Oberlin professor supports terror group Hamas, encourages anti-Israel sentiments in class

More U.S. jihadis provide material support for terror group Islamic State:

Jordanian living in Houston arrested on gun charge; he is trained in firearms, expresses support for radical groups, and openly discusses martyrdom