DEVELOPING: Border Wall Breach and Mass Incursion Taking Place in Lukeville, Arizona – Endless Line of African Illegals Charge Over Border (VIDEO)


Source: Gateway Pundit, By Cristina Laila, December 7, 2023

Biden’s border crisis is getting worse by the day.

A border wall breach and massive incursion are currently unfolding in Lukeville, Arizona.

Illegal aliens from Africa charged over the border chanting, “America! America!” on Thursday evening.

Single, military-age men from northern Africa cheered as they ran over Fox News reporters to brag about illegally entering the United States.


There is a never-ending line of military-age Africans pouring over the border Thursday night on Joe Biden’s open border invitation.

“A lot more are coming. Crossings still taking place. They tell us there are hundreds behind them.” Bill Melugin said.


Hordes of illegals were seen walking down the middle of the highway in Lukeville, Arizona.

This is an invasion!


A massive line of military-age men from all over the world including Africa and the Middle East illegally crossed into Lukeville, Arizona late Wednesday night.

This is after there were 12,000 encounters with illegal aliens at the southern border on Wednesday.

More than 10 million illegal aliens – mainly military-age men – have flooded into the US since Joe Biden was installed in January 2021.

Bill Melugin asked the illegals lined up in Lukeville where they plan on going in the US.

None of the illegals told Bill Melugin that they are seeking asylum!