Failure at the Fence (full documentary) | FRONTLINE +


A visual investigation in collaboration with @WashingtonPost provides a detailed examination of how Hamas was able to breach Israel’s vaunted security barrier on Oct. 7, 2023, and carry out its attack.

This special collaboration stems from a reconstruction by The Post, with additional on-the-ground reporting and riveting interviews that present a remarkable picture of how, as The Post reporters show, Hamas was planning the attack in plain sight, and Israel was blind to its own vulnerabilities. “Failure at the Fence” is a FRONTLINE Production with Schonder Productions in association with The Washington Post. Written, produced and directed by Gabrielle Schonder. The correspondent is Jon Swaine. Reported by Jon Swaine and Joyce Sohyun Lee. The senior producer is Frank Koughan. The executive editor of The Washington Post is Sally Buzbee. The editor-in-chief and executive producer of FRONTLINE is Raney Aronson-Rath.