Source: Roger Froikin, December 29, 2023

With The News reports of Iran providing money and weapons to terrorists attacking Israelis and Jews outside Israel, it is appropriate to discuss terrorism again, AND WHEN AN IRANIAN TRAINED HAMAS JUST COMPLETED THE WORST MASSACRE OF JEWS SINCE THE HOLOCAUST, what is appropriate needs attention.

But realistically, there are two kinds of terrorism. One kind is the kind that is hitting Israel, or the 9/11 type, or the kind of terrorism that so often means violence in Europe. Another is a more subtle type that seriously is damaging the USA and Europe today, but that is for another article.

I’ve come to the conclusion that people do not understand ‘terrorism” or simply just do not want to. And because of that, we treat terrorism in ways that not only do not end it, but encourage it as a political and social tactic. And we spend absolute fortunes on defense to prevent terrorist acts ignoring the fact that terrorists will just change their tactics and avoid all the expensive precautions.

TERRORISM Is any act whose goal is to terrorize, confuse, disrupt, any populations’ normal lives, from attacks by individuals to efforts at mass killings. Civilians and their normal lives are principle target.. Examples? The Nazi Blitz of London, targeting civilian areas, particularly London’s East End, attempted to kill and maim as many civilians as possible. 150 years of Arab terrorism against Jews in what is now Israel, terrorism to discourage Jews from returning to their homeland, terrorism to drive Jews out, and even State terrorism by Arab States threatening mass extermination of Jews should they win a war. Then there is the attack on the Twin Towers and the Pentagon, the long list of attacks in Europe, from the Baader-Meinhof gangs to the Red Brigades, to today in the USA with Antifa and Black Lives Matter. (both with a connection to Arab and Muslim radicals) who now have joined with Muslim and Arab groups championing Hamas and genocide of Jews, and using tactics in the ÜS and Europe to block traffic, attack passersby especially Jews, and to, as we have seen, attack Christmas and New Years celebrations.

World legal opinion as expressed in International Law provides absolutely no protection for terrorists and acts of terrorism. The Geneva Conventions, Numbers I-V, avoided considering terrorists as legitimate combatants with any sort of benefits or rights. Other International Agreements did the same. The World has recognized the vast difference between those who fight governments, or for governments against other governments, on one hand, and those whose tactic is to primarily and even exclusively to murder, kidnap, hold hostage, and destroy civilians in order to create an atmosphere of terror.

And how do we deal with them, with these people who are so vicious, so unnatural, so evil, as to primarily target civilians because of ideology? Today, we treat them as if they robbed the local candy store. – with lawyers and prisons, and humane treatment — none of which is required by law and none of it making a dent in the terrorist movements and their ideologies.

And then what? We hold them in Prison or release them to go back to terrorism? We have no idea. And we never talk about how much this costs to hold these terrorists which may be forever. Israel spends more than $ 260 Million annually just on prisons for these terrorists. The USA spends a fortune on Guantanamo and other facilities. Then there is the cost of trials and lawyers and investigations that just turn up what everyone knew in the first place. And what about the cost at airports protecting us from another bomb or hijacking?

So we build walls, take off shoes and wait in long lines at airports, get frisked by guards who imagine that 85-year-old women might be carrying a bomb (to avoid violating some politically correct dictum). We spend billions of dollars we cannot afford on security snooping and prisons — ignoring the fact that NO WAR IS EVER WON ON THE DEFENSIVE.

And if we expect prison to reform them, we are dreaming. Those motivated by religious or political doctrine will not be reformed. On the contrary, they will be more committed unless the tactics of the authorities completely change. They see prison as part of their struggle and assume that they will be exchanged or released and they see that as a victory.

But that is not enough. Terrorism depends on infrastructure. That means those who encourage them. Those who support them. Those who finance their activities. Those who supply them with materials. Those who preach the hate that motivates them.

All of these, all this infrastructure needs to be treated the same way the terrorists themselves are treated as they are, as the law says, “accessories before or after the fact”

Let’s be honest. This is a war and the terrorists and terrorist movements are not losing They are not losing because we are not effectively fighting them.

Do you really want to end terrorism, or just go through the motions, trying to look effective, but accomplishing nothing?

Terrorists need to be dead. Or deported to where they can do no further harm, permanently.

As I said, Israel spends almost $ 250 Million on prisons for terrorists a year, many just to be released and to go back to terrorism, The Terrorist in Chief, who organized the Munich Olympics, Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) sits in a palace in Ramallah paid for by American and European money, and Hamas leaders, with their close to $ 15 Billion stolen from funds provided by Americans, Europeans, Turks, and Iranians sit in Qatar in luxury.

No, these terrorists need to be gone., To somewhere else, or as shark food. But gone. And under International Law, no benefits, no prisons, no trials, just disposal of the trash.

Their infrastructure of family and friends needs to be gone as well, as far away from civilized people as possible, and all they own seized and destroyed.

And any Government or Organization that pays terrorists, supports terrorists or facilitates terrorists, needs to pay, and needs to be held responsible.

So, let’s stop playing games.

And for those who look to the Bible for instruction, there is the commandment to “Remember Amalek and destroy Amalek.” Why? Because Amalek attacked the Israelites when they had just left Egypt and were poor, tired, confused, and unprepared to defend themselves. Amalek is synonymous to the kind of terrorists that choose to target civilians to sow terror. And what does G-d tell us what has to be done? To destroy Amalek, not to take spoils, but to simply destroy the existential threats to the innocent. Today, Amalek is HAMAS, ISIS, Boko Haram, and the haters in the streets demonstrating for HAMAS.