Israel in the Crosshairs: Francisco Gil-White Reveals Why Our View of the Shape of History is so Eclipsed


Source: I.W. Quinn, January 8, 2024

The world turned overnight. In a heartbeat. Israel has for years been swatting away rockets arching over its borders. They seemed to have everything under control with the iron dome intercepting 80% of its threats. The walls and fence systems alongside state-of-the-art technology protected against snipers and intruders. Until it didn’t.

At 6:30 AM on October 7th, the Red Alert warning system blared out of control. First alerting countless small towns and villages, then expanding to industrial parks. By 10:30 AM, 3:30 AM Eastern Daylight Time in the US, Benjamin Netanyahu had declared war.

Everything we thought we knew was wrong. Our complacent assumptions turned up-side-down. Now they are embattled in a war, the implications of which are more enormous than anyone not an insider or political thinker can comprehend.

One deep thinker and academic, Francisco Gil-White, has expressed his insights to Alex Levy in his podcast, Through Conversations. The interview is two hours in length and dense with concepts that help the listener make shifts of long -held paradigms needed to understand the inexplicable.

It occurred to me that this vital information desperately needs to be in the hands of many more than those few likely to sit through a two hour podcast. The more who learn and act on the truths embedded in Gil-White’s insights, the greater chance we have of breaking the models of lies and falsehoods that so cleverly obscure truth. The following summarizes his interview:

Alex Levy with Francisco Gil-White Credits:

Alex Levy’s Podcast: Through Conversations
Gil-White’s page:
Gil-White’s site: Management of Reality – You Tube channel
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Key Concepts: Big Ideas/Takeaways from the interview

Antisemitism is a threat to everyone

If a model doesn’t make sense, the model is wrong – i.e. cause of the Holocaust

Eugenics is the parent of the Holocaust – not appeasement

Haj Amin al-Husseini –his key role in the Holocaust & beyond

Our models are created by the media – not individual experience

Individuals need to be critical thinkers – search for information elsewhere

“U.S. is the biggest supporter of Israel” – false model

If Israel fails, it is a failure for us all – accurate model

Oppressed/oppressor ideology: the Woke – destructive model

Levy’s Questions for Gil-White:


How did you get where you are now?

I began looking at the model that was used to explain 911. The media never really conducted an investigation. Different sources just repeated the same thing. There should have been a strong criticism of the government, but that never happened. I thought this was very strange, so I started reading alternative citizen journalism and Jared Israel’s e-magazine/website, The Emperor’s New Clothes. He is a good researcher. He wrote about the Arab/Israeli conflict in 2003 in which Israel was accused of committing a massacre in the Jenine “refugee camp.” His research revealed that there was no massacre. So I started asking, what is happening?

And how does the media relate to this?

What happened when you were passed over for tenure?

I wrote about the al Husseini connection to the Holocaust.

The movement to bury the al Husseini connection was carried out by the same people who carried out the Holocaust. The media just stopped talking about him, and after a few decades, he was forgotten; but he was as important as Hitler. He founded the Palestinian movement in 1919.

He was made the Great Mufti of Jerusalem by the British, and between 1936 – 1939 he was responsible for much violence and was respected for his attacks against the Jews. He then went to Iraq and organized a pogrom, and then to Rome where Mussolini received him with the grandeur of a head of state.

He met with Hitler and together they agreed that they would cleanse Israel of Jews. For the rest of the war, he stayed in Nazi occupied Europe inciting Muslims to kill Jews, Serbs and Roma (Gypsies). So, contrary to common opinion, he was a leader and organizer of the Holocaust.

At the Nuremburg Trial, Eichmann’s underling, Lucini, spoke as a witness, and testified that it was al Husseini who convinced Hitler to move from mere expulsion of the Jews to actual extermination. Lucini was ultimately executed, but he made a good witness. He testified that al Husseini said that they had to kill all Jews because they couldn’t go to HIS Palestine. Husseini and Eichmann organized the entire death camp movement. Husseini was never tried in the tribunal. He walked- and Nasser protected him in Cairo. In the 1950’s he in turn trained others.

These facts were new to me and a huge turning point in my understanding. But they went against the narrative of the media.

Al Fata was created, which later in the 70s became the PLO. Arafat and Abbas were supposed to continue the jihad. Fata/PLO couldn’t actually rule, as they were jihadists, but their goal was to exterminate all Jews.

When university officials read that I had written this perspective, I was fired from the university.

(Britannica entry: Fatah: political and military organization of Arab Palestinians, founded in the late 1950’s by Yassir Arafat and Khalil al-Wazir (Abu Jihad) with aim of wresting Palestine from Israeli control by waging low-intensity guerrilla warfare. In the late 1980’s it began seeking a two state solution through diplomatic avenues, and its leaders were prominent players in the Oslo peace process that established the Palestinian Authority.)

How do we get our models for understanding?

The models we use to understand events are created by the media.

Since our personal experience is actually very limited, we rely on some form of media to organize ideas. When an event seems to be inexplicable, it is because we are using the wrong model. For example, he model that declared that many countries made the same mistake when dealing with Hitler is FALSE! Actually, we were dealing with the wrong model. The common “mistakes” they made were actually purposeful. They were all backed by the same thing –eugenics.

Book reference: – Edwin Black: War Against the Weak

Eugenics disappeared in the same manner as al Husseini’s disappearance. The theory of eugenics was actually a U.S. phenomena/ideology espousing the biology of superiority of Germanic people. The poor were poor because had bad genes. IQ tests were usedto justify putting people in hospitals and sterilization. The model which was funded by Ford, Carnegie, and Rockefeller, grew in the US in first half of 20th century. The German eugenicists learned from Americans. They created the Nuremburg Laws as justification for carting off people into concentration camps. This is where Nazism comes from. It is eugenics that is parent movement of Nazism. These powerful Americans had the same ideology as German Nazis. It was an ideology of the powerful.

So what was WWII?

The common model is appeasement. Nevil Chamberlin, represented as innocent in this model, didn’t want to believe that Hitler meant what he said. They were too timid and appeased Hitler; which was big mistake. But this model doesn’t make sense. They allowed Hitler to build power. Western leaders ended up helping Hitler. All the textbooks and media have used the wrong model. They talk about the appeasement of Hitler as being inexplicable. But when you replace the appeasement model with the right model, it becomes clear that they were promoting Hitler, not appeasing. Random mistakes go in different directions. These “mistakes” all went in the same direction. They were all eugenicists.

Nevil Chamberlin was a major eugenicist. The British press was sucked in.

They had to appear that they were enemy of the Nazis. But they were not.

If you have a model with paradoxes, you have to keep working on your model.
If there are too many, the model is completely wrong and need to start again.

What about more recent historical events involving Israel?

When the media continually states that the US is biggest supporter of Israel, that becomes the model. But the evidence contradicts this.

I started looking into history of US foreign policy. The US has been consistently taking actions to weaken the Jewish state, even going so far as to threaten the removal of aid during the Oslo process.

Book reference: Science of Coercion, by Christopher Simpson: about using media to manage US opinion,

You can’t talk about countries as though they are people. It is the US power elites who make the decisions. Ordinary citizens may have an entirely different viewpoint, but the power elites undermine Israel by falsely stating that they are supporters. By-in-large, Christians are supporters of Israel, but attitudes of ordinary Americans can change if they are fed the same thing over and again for too long.

Book reference: Protocols of the Elders of Zion was propaganda created by Russians that describes Jews as controlling the media, banks and workers.

(From the Holocaust Encyclopedia: “… Although the exact origin of the Protocols is unknown, its intent was to portray Jews as conspirators against the state. In 24 chapters, or Protocols, allegedly minutes from meetings of Jewish leaders, the Protocols ‘describes’ the ‘secret plans’ of Jews to rule the world by manipulating the economy, controlling the media, and fostering religious conflict.” ……..)


Why did everyone collaborate with extermination?

Because powerful people were listening to this. European Jews were relatively easy to kill and the power elites didn’t defend them. The resulting Holocaust proved that the idea of Jewish control was nonsense.

Additionally, there was the view among some Christians that the Jews killed Jesus.

We need critical thinkers. Dave Ruben, Jordan Peterson, Joe Rogan are all working on this.

The belief that the Jewish state is oppressing “Palestinians” comes through the media.They have forced this model into our heads. They are also pushing the belief that Jews control the media. How can this make sense? The idea of Palestinian liberation is tied to Nazism.

Book reference: Silent Revolution, by Barry Ruben (2014): describes how the left rose to political power & cultural dominance in the U.S. in recent years (see Wikipedia for his life’s work)

What are the major problems we currently face?

  1. Immigration of radical Muslims into the West
  2. People poisoned by “Woke”
  3. Grievance studies: these are invented and presented as social justice. They splinter people into smaller and smaller groups, all against each other

e.g. Hamas covenant: they fight infidels, wage jihad against all infidels, murder and enslave infidels, but are defended by the very people they are going to destroy!

e.g.Gender ideology adherents: We are tolerant, they aren’t. So they aren’t thinking critically.

The university is the place where people are supposed to be learning critical thinking. But they are teaching that politics is the only thing that matters. The only idea that is acceptable is the idea that they agree with. Hmmm… Sounds like Islam. The Koran says it is the only way. Radical Islam is Orthodox Islam.

Caveat: There are many good Muslim people – but that makes them bad Muslims. The Koran preaches holy war. People need to engage in critical thinking. Read the Koran! Don’t just blindly agree with the experts. Islam is the religion of peace? Really?That is concept is found in neither the Koran nor the Hadiths.

Conservative thinkers aren’t radical. What they want is to conserve democracy, freedom of speech, and western values. That is not radical.

Is Israel the last line of defense? What happens if Israel falls?

In WWII, the act of exterminating the Jews was bad for, not just the Jews, but for all of us as well. It plunged us into world war. Six million Jews were murdered and sixty-four million non-Jews lost their lives. Hundreds of millions of people were reduced to slavery. It was the anti-Semites who were responsible for all this. They are the tool of authoritarianism, are autocratic and oppress everyone.

The Roman Empire perpetrated genocide against Jews, and also against everyone. So this is a historical pattern. It starts with coming for the Jews, but they will be coming for the rest of us.

It is the most radical of the Muslims who are being imported into US and Europe. All of the mosques in the West are being built by radicals. The West should be a refuge for those who seek to get away from the repression of the Muslims, but this is becoming more and more difficult. For example, Ayan Hershey Ali was forced to leave the Netherlands after she had settled there, and came to the US.

On the other side of coin, the Jews have benefitted us all. Contrary to the general perception, it was the Jews who invented liberal politics. As slaves of Pharaoh, they revolted and invented the law of the escaped slaves. They instituted separation of power. The king can’t also be a priest, and the Rabbis made sure that those rights are respected. If there was any evidence of mistreatment of slaves, they were set free. In the authority of the Talmud, laws could be more protected.“The conditions of the slave should be equal to the master” means they are abolishing slavery.

Jews historically were forced to deal with the worst societies on earth. The Romans were brutal and their leaders were psychotic. They threw people to lions. Our corrupt educational system teaches that we should admire the Romans. We are taught that Greeks and Romans invented democracy; but in actuality, Western democracy is a consequence of Jewish law. The concept of equality under the eyes of God originated from the Jews. Hillel the Elder was the founder of jurisprudence. All Jewish civilization started with the commandment “love your neighbor as you love yourself.” All democratic civilizations aim for this ideal.

The podcast revolution is evidence that we are defending the West. We have to work together on the Alternative Citizen Journalism level. What kills the West is antisemitism. Fighting antisemitism is fighting for ourselves.

What do those Palestinian flag wavers need to hear?

“Woke” is the turning against Jews, and is supported in our universities.

The state of Israel was born out of the need for Jewish refuge from European power elite. That narrative held for a few years while the memory of WWII was still fresh. Even though the Arabs continued to try to kill them off, they prevailed; but they were still the underdog. Then the perception in the 1970s turned the Palestinians into the underdog. But the Palestinians as underdog is a false model. Message: If Palestine is really the underdog, who is the oppressor? The Jews? It doesn’t compute.

It is Hamas that is oppressing the Gazan Palestinians. Gaza is a military structure with no civilian infrastructure. Hamas, with its maze of tunnels and military hardware is a militarized state that is camouflaged by civilians.

It is Hamas that is completely oppressing the Gazan Palestinians.

In the early 20th century, al Husseini was doing this very thing.

In the Zionist immigration plan, land was purchased from Arab land owners, but through willing transactions and never by force. Al Husseini, on the other hand, threatened small land holders and killed them and their families if they dared to sell land to the Jews. Then he would buy it at an extortion price, and resell it to the Jewish agency, using use the money he received against the Jews.

In the Arab revolt, al Husseini killed many times more Palestinians than Jews. The Jews were welcoming to Arab workers and paid fair price for their labor. The Arabs who now live in Israel are free to develop their own livelihood. Those who suffer in slavery reside in Muslim countries, not Israel.

The “Woke” ideology is the turning against Jews. It rails against “colonialism” and finds support in our universities. To the “Woke,” you are not a good leftist if you fail to support the PLO, Fata, Hamas and the Palestinian “struggle.” They oppose Israel and engage in virtue signaling, having been poisoned by eugenicists and the Nazis. If they succeed, they will produce a totalitarian nightmare from which we may never recover.

It is Hamas and its ideology of hate that is responsible for the killing of Arab/Palestinian children. They teach children to aspire to martyrdom and use them as suicide bombers and human shields. This Arab population is being oppressed by Hamas and the government of Iran. Instead of claiming victimhood of the Israelis, the ‘Woke’ should be defending the Gazan Arabs against Hamas and other Iranian proxies.

I.W. Quinn’s Concluding Thoughts:

The sub-barbaric terrorist attack on Israel’s innocent citizens wasn’t the only shock the world experienced. In record time, like ants swarming from under the lifted corner of an old rug, the ugliness of antisemitism emerged unrestrained. “From the river to the sea” spilled out into our major cities, clogged international airports, and trapped Jewish students on our campuses. Where did this come from? It didn’t start in 2015 with the build-up of Hamas. We have to reach back at least to WWII with its mix of al Husseini’s hatred of Jews and the promulgation of the theory of eugenics by the elites of the Western World.

It came overnight. But it didn’t. Had we not been lulled to sleep by the media, we would have been operating under a more insightful model – a model that acknowledges the prominent role of al Husseini in the Holocaust’s systemic extermination policy and in creating the anti-West terror organizations. We would have seen it coming in more recent years with the build-up of campus Palestinian organizations, with the manning of the United Nations UNRWA almost entirely by Arab sympathizers, and with the over immigration into the U.S. of Muslims isolating themselves into the world of mosques funded entirely by Middle Eastern donors. It was all just under the surface ready to explode like a mismanaged pressure cooker.

Gil-White’s warning is dire, but offers hope for an enlightened future. The flashing red light that we must no longer ignore is that warning to stop accepting blindly the models invented by the media and political rhetoric. Think critically. Discern unexplained paradoxes. Evaluate the need to either adjust a working model or to totally scrap it and make a paradigm leap to an entirely new one.

He encourages us to dive into well-vetted alternative citizen journalism websites as part of our own research. When we accept this challenge, think critically and take responsibility, we remove the power from the elite and the media, turn them on their heads, and take the control to right the wrongs they have thrust upon entire populations. In order to survive as a Western culture and hold fast to our Judeo-Christian values, this time we need to get it right.