Fear of Islam in the West


Source: Roger Froikin, January 23, 2024


This is not a criticism of Islam. We are not going to change Islam. We can change how we respond to it.

This is a criticism of how the West, meaning the Americas and Europe appear to be afraid o of Muslims and how this appears to affect policy. To be more exact, what they seem to fear is Muslim violence. Whether this is a realistic fear or bigotry, I’ll let you decide, but the fear does seem to be there and it motivates political choices and can be seen in the form off cases of political double standards and hypocrisy.

Some interesting examples.

Biafra: The Ibo (Igbo) People of Nigeria, fed up with second class status to Muslim influence in Nigeria that included periodic anti-Christian violence, declared their independence. The world great powers opposed them, claiming the need to preserve the “territorial integrity of Nigeria”.   Even though the territory that made up Nigeria was an artificial construction that fit foreign interests in the first place as was most of Africa’s new states. What we saw was the suppression of Biafra, and now 50 plus years later, Boko Haram – connected with the Muslim Brotherhood – is terrorizing parts of Nigeria and neighing countries, with hardly a word from the West.

Yet, when the Kosovo problem sprung up in Serbia, after the demise of Yugoslavia, though
Kosovo was populated by Muslim Albanian migrants that settled in Yugoslavia to flee the
oppressive Albanian dictator during the 1950’s, and launched a terrorist war against Serbs, driving most of the Serbs out, what did the same Western Nations do? Did they talk about preserving the territorial integrity of Serbia? Of course not. They sided with the Muslim Kosovo population, and President Clinton went so far as to bomb Belgrade, destroying its infrastructure and killing as many as 25,000 Serbs, who because of Russian weakness, did not have their cultural ally to help them.

In Egypt, Obama backed the Muslim Brotherhood, while they were burning churches and
ransacking the amazing Cairo Museum destroying antiquities that were irreplaceable, and when General, now President, Al-Sisi, tossed the Muslim Brotherhood out of power, the US under Obama chose to boycott Egypt and ban arms sales to punish Egypt and to protect the Muslim Brotherhood, claiming that al-Sisi destroyed democracy in Egypt. I guess Democracy equates with persecution of Christians (that make up 15% of Egypt’s population) in the form of burning churches, murders and rapes of Christians.

In Turkey, Obama, and now Biden, allies with their President Erdoğan, while he supports Hamas and supplied aid to ISIS at one point.

Then there is Yemen. A civil war. Three groups fighting, one a surrogate of Iran, the Houthis, another a Turkish supported group affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, and then the majority that simply wanted order and independence. The UAE and the Saudis got involved against the Iranians and the Muslim Brotherhood (Illegal in the UAE, Egypt, and Saudia) in 2017, quietly supported by the Trump Administration, while opposed by Europe. Then in 2021, Biden came into power, and refused Saudi and UAE requests for defensive missile systems to protect against Iranian missiles fired by the Houthis, some of which were shot into Jeddah and Riyadh, leaving the Houthis to take de facto control of the most populace of Yemen.

So, where does all this leave us today?

It leaves us with the Houthis shooting at ships, Hezbollah agitating in Israel’s north, Hamas
launching an attack on October 7, Iranian forces and surrogates attacking US troops in Iraq and Syria, and the UN and International agencies, and the media trying to save Hamas
lest there are riots in European cities and maybe American cities, by Muslim groups and their left-wing friends taking orders from the elites. And with much less publicity, Boko Haram and other Muslim Brotherhood affiliates in Africa.

It is time for a change in the US, in the White House and Congress, and in Europe.
And I’m not leaving out the very stupid phenomena of some Israeli Jews trying to weaken their country to appease under the direction of the American left, to grab power for themselves in Israel. I believe had they not projected the image of confusion and weakness, October 7 may not have happened.