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Source: The Epoch Times | Truth Over News, November 20, 2023

On Nov. 9, some intriguing subpoenas and letters were issued by the GOP Oversight Committee to Hunter Biden’s business associates Eric Schwerin and Mervyn Yan, his gallerist, George Bergès, and his art patron, Elizabeth Naftali, requiring them to appear for depositions.

In addition to the subpoenas, letters requesting transcribed interviews were sent to Carol Fox, Joey Langston, John Hynansky, and Jason Galanis. All of these names should have some degree of familiarity as we’ve covered these associates of the Biden family at some point during previous shows. In this episode, we’re going to zero in on Eric Schwerin—and his overly close involvement with the Bidens. But there’s also a larger story intertwined throughout these twisting relationships.

A story of how not only the Bidens—but also all of Washington—use their positions to enrich themselves by allowing access to individuals who are willing to pay for that access. As we’ve said many times before, Joe Biden’s being protected by the media and the larger DC establishment is less about protecting the Bidens, and more about protecting themselves.