Source: Roger Froikin, January 29, 2024

Let me start with something that is very simple.

Islam is still fighting the Crusades.

Muslims look at the Western World, and they see a world they feel is filled with iniquity, and yet has beaten them, humiliated them, and forced them down, colonized them, controlled them, and finally created Israel in their area to further control them. They think like victims that want justice, and they see war in the form of terrorism until they can get better weapons, as the only way to balance the books.

In much Muslim literature, Israel is described as “The foothold of the
Crusader West in the heart of Islam.

So, the real target is the West. They believe they can conquer Europe in
stages without the USA in the way, so the ultimate enemy is the USA, the Great Satan, that they believe controls the “little Satan”, the Great Satan that cannot be defeated by numbers like Europe can.

So, while the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, Boku Haram, the
Iranian Government, the Turkish President, etc. talk about Israel, where
there are no Israelis, or no Jews, who gets attacked. Coptic Christians in Egypt subject to Church burnings, mass rapes, beatings i9n the streets, murders. In Istanbul an Orthodox Church burned and people murdered host January 29th, and so on.

Use of feelings of victimhood can be very powerful.

The Nazis used it to promote their ideology and to scapegoat Jews and
other nations. The Soviets used it to motivate the revolution and defeat
those that opposed it. Nations or groups that look backward, that look to picture themselves as victims, tend to be exploitative and tend to violence as a tactic rather that building themselves up. Notice how Germany, once it dumped the victim mentality was able to work hard and build a better nation.

Same with individuals.

Interestingly, nations that look forward, as Jews always did, no matter how persecuted, or an Americans always have done (generally) tend not to attack others, not to abuse others. They work and build themselves.
But Islam, today, seems to cultivate victimhood, and so there is no
advancement, no creativity, no toleration for dissent within it, and violence in how they deal with the world, and by the way, excusing the violence by blaming everyone else.

So, what is the solution to this conflict? Simple. Do not back off. Do not
tolerate terrorism and make excuses for it. Do not take abuse. Do not
tolerate hate. Do not allow a lack of moral judgment, and do not allow
double standards. Understand things as they are – not what you wish them to be.