QUIS CUSTODIET IPSOS CUSTODES (Who will Guard the Guardians)


Source: Roger Froikin, February 10, 2024

Government is supposed to protect the people who established it. That’s the essence of the role of the Federal Government in the US Constitution, and the core of Justice in the Torah.

But all too frequently in human history, power has come to be used, not to protect and serve the interests of the people, but rather to preserve and promote the interests of an elite class whose interests and wealth controls the political systems.

So, theoretically, we have the Media, the Press, and the Courts to balance that possible
accumulation of power and its abuse.

But what happens when the Courts become controlled by the elites? And what happens when the media, directly or indirectly, express the will of the elite classes?

Who will Guard the Guardians of our liberty? Who will make the powerful and wealthy responsible for their behavior ?

In the last 10 years, those Guardians in the USA – the FBI, the NSA, the CIA, have been in the pockets of one Political party and its leaders and in many local communities, the police have been diminished. It is now known that Hillary Clinton’s hired Law Firm actually maintained office space for the FBI’s top people at least since 2012. AND WE NOW KNOW THAT THE FBI WAS USED TO “FORM”.OPINION IN TWITTER, FACEBOOK, AND PROBABLY IN THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA COMPANIES, by a policy of intimidation, leaks, and other means.  We have seen directors of the FBI, CIA, NSA, lie to Congress to promote and protect certain politicians and to intimidate and harass others considered outsiders, and now we have seen the Federal Government go so far as to label people who shop in certain places or buy Bibles, or who are religious, or even parents who care about their children as possible terrorists. Dissent has been relegated almost to a crime. With the media’s consent.

Who Guards the Guardians?

Stalin is smiling.