Military-aged Chinese nationals continue pouring across border, disappearing into America at ‘terrifying speed’

Chinese illegal immigrants at the southern border by is licensed under YouTube

Source: Law Enforcement Today, By Pat Droney, February 19, 2024

Law Enforcement Today has previously reported on the large number of military-aged Chinese males crossing Biden’s open border into the United States. That hasn’t changed, according to the Daily Mail, which reported that “dozens” of Chinese illegals were spotted invading the U.S. in the California border town of Jacumba.

Fox News reporter Griff Jenkins recorded “dozens and dozens, possibly up to hundreds of “migrants” crossing into California.

“This is one of the largest groups of Chinese I have ever seen come across, and there were […] two groups at the same time crossing in Jacumba, CA,” Jenkins tweeted last week.

The Daily Mail reported that “more than 150 Chinese nationals a day” have been crossing into the US illegally since October,” according to statistics provided by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

In FY 2023, over 37,000 illegal Chinese aliens were encountered at the porous southern border, with an additional 20,000 having crossed since October when FY 2024 began. The federal data shows that the United States is seeing foreign invaders from more countries than ever before.

According to Rep. Tony Gonzalez (R-Texas), he believes the illegals crossing into California may indeed be staying there, he told the Daily Mail.

“As I’ve spoken to different agencies about why some communities [groups of migrants] to one place and others go another, one: it depends on what cartel controls that pipeline,” Gonzalez said.

‘It’s very clear that the Sinaloa Cartel is the one controlling that operation and sending Chinese more toward the California corridor…California/Arizona corridor that they control. That’s half the equation.

“The other half is where is the population going to go. Where are the large populations of Asian Americans tend to be–in California, New York is another area, but that West Coast area is a big population center for them.”

The influx of Chinese nationals has raised alarm bells among some lawmakers who are concerned about why citizens of an avowed enemy of the United States are entering the country in large numbers.

“It’s tough to put everybody in the same box; that they’re all tourist, they’re all coming, all gang members, they’re all bad actors,” Gonzalez continued.

“At the same time, you can’t say that they’re all coming here for opportunity and fleeing Xi’s [Chinese President Xi Jinping] repressive regime.

“This is, once again, why it’s so important that we allow zero people to come over illegally, and any of these people seeking asylum, they get their cases heard immediately.

“Regardless of what ethnicity or what country you’re coming from, you get your day in court, and if you don’t qualify, you get deported back to China, Venezuela, or wherever the hell you came from.”

In his video, Fox’s Griff Jenkins said a Chinese migrant told him that he crossed into the United States illegally to “take the money,” while adding he wants a job.