An Iranian Hit Man On The Loose In Florida May Be The Least Of Our Worries


Source: AND Substack, By Sam Faddis, March 7, 2024

We have been warning for some time about the danger of the Iranians and their surrogates like Hezbollah using Venezuela as a launching pad for attacks inside the United States. That possibility is particularly troubling given the number of Venezuelan passport holders this administration has allowed into the country. We don’t need to speculate about this threat anymore, however. It is no longer a possibility. It is happening.

The FBI field office in Miami has issued a public alert seeking information on Majid Dastjani Farahani. According to the FBI, Farahani is an Iranian intelligence officer who is in the United States plotting to assassinate current and former American officials, including former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Per the FBI’s statement on Friday, Farahani is actively recruiting “individuals for operations in the U.S., to include lethal targeting of current/former USG officials.” Farahani is also accused of recruiting individuals to surveil religious sites, businesses, and other facilities in the United States. That suggests strongly that he is not here simply to hit a single target but is setting up infrastructure to support multiple attacks.

Farahani is not some rogue operative or want-to-be hitman. He speaks multiple languages including Spanish. He travels frequently between Iran and Venezuela. This is a seasoned operator, and he is apparently well down the road to carrying out attacks on our soil.

This, of course, is not occurring in isolation. The FBI has known for a long time that Iranian operatives are working on our soil targeting Iranian dissidents and seeking to kill U.S officials:

  • The Department of Justice convicted an Iranian operative in 2011 of working with Mexican drug cartels to attempt to assassinate Saudi
  • Arabia’s former ambassador to Washington, Adel al-Jubeir, while he dined at a Georgetown restaurant.

In January of this year, the DOJ indicted an Iranian gang leader for allegedly working with members of the Hells Angels to kill Iranian dissidents living in Maryland.

  • Both former Secretary of State Pompeo and Brian Hook, Trump’s Iran envoy are currently under Secret Service protection, because they are being hunted by Iranian assassins.
  • John Bolton is also on the Iranian hit list. An Iranian operative, Shahram Poursafi, also known as Mehdi Rezayi, was indicted in 2022 for his alleged involvement in a plot to kill Bolton.
  • In 2021, U.S. authorities revealed an Iranian plot to kidnap Iranian-American activist, Masih Alinejad, from her home in Brooklyn and take her by speedboat to Venezuela.
  • In January 2024, the US Justice Department indicted three Azeris for attempting to murder Alinejad in New York at the behest of

In short, the Iranians have been here for some time and have made clear their intention to murder, on our soil, American government officials. One might think that this would provoke some kind of forceful response from the Biden administration. To the contrary, from day one this administration has adopted a policy of appeasement vis a vis Tehran and its senior ranks have been riddled with Iranian sympathizers.

Robert Malley, Biden’s special envoy to Iran had his security clearance pulled some time ago because he was said to have been mishandling classified information. That turned out to be a gross understatement. In fact, Malley appears to have been part of an Iranian intelligence operation to infiltrate the highest levels of our government. That’s not speculation. That’s according to Iranian government emails that have come to light.

Those emails show that Malley worked to infiltrate an Iranian agent of influence named Ariane Tabatabai into some of the most sensitive positions in the U.S. government — first at the State Department and then at the Pentagon. At the Pentagon, Tabatabai serves as chief of staff for the assistant secretary of defense for special operations, Christopher Maier. Tabatabai was not just an Iranian sympathizer. She was part of a regime propaganda unit set up in 2014 by the Iranian Foreign Ministry. That unit called The Iran Experts Initiative (IEI) tasked operatives to promote Iranian interests abroad.

This effort was organized and funded by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. Malley was instrumental from the outset in setting up this network with the goal of influencing U.S. policy toward Iran. Malley brought Tabatabai and several other Iranian operatives into senior positions in the United States government.

Senator Cruz captured the import of this Iranian operation succinctly in talking to Fox News.

“…We now know also that, among other things, three of Rob Malley’s top advisers, his inner circle that he relied on, were Iranian operatives. They were recruited by the government of Iran.”

In short, the fact that we have Iranian intelligence operatives on our soil working to assassinate senior members of President Trump’s administration should come as a surprise to no one. This administration has been completely compromised by Tehran from the outset. In the scheme of things, in fact, an Iranian intelligence officer being hunted by the FBI in Florida may be the least of our worries. We probably out to be a lot more concerned about the Iranian spies in Washington, D.C.