Saturday, February 16, 2019

Uniting Western Civilization for Freedom & Liberty

Indiana: Judge denies release for Elkhart woman who took kids to live in Islamic State with jihadi husband New York: Muslim Community (Sharia?) Patrol Spotted in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Texas: Turkish Non-Profit President Guilty in Scheme to Conceal Foreign Funding of 2013 Congressional Trip
California: San Diego School District Defends Notorious Islamic Syndicate (CAIR) Against Parents’ Lawsuit Michigan: Muslim attorney drops frivolous $100M Little Caesars halal lawsuits New Hampshire: Despite no permits, mosque opens for worship in single-family home
United Kingdom: Muslim-led panel, advised by imams, recommends NOT outlawing sharia courts Turkey: Is Turkey threatening to go to war against the United States over its backing of the Kurds? Italy: ITALIAN MUSEUM under fire for discriminating against Italians and Christians by giving discounts only to Arab and Muslim visitors France: WHAT ARE THE ODDS? (Muslim?) Man...
New York: Muslim Sentenced to 40 Years for Plotting Terrorist Attacks in NYC for ISIS California: Video shows Muslim bragging of plot to bomb gay bars and UC Berkeley Arizona: Muslim immigrant in Arizona gets 12 years in prison for helping Muslim student...
West Virginia: School Gives 7th Grade Students Assignment to Write Islamic Declaration of Faith Oklahoma: Muslim woman stabbed 11-year old daughter “50 to 70 times,” hit her over head with a pick-axe Florida: Three Palm Beach County Muslims sentenced for providing material to support to ISIS Alaska: Jihadi Cult Member Files to Run for Congress in Dem primary
Minnesota: Teen Muslima is indicted, told students to “join the jihad in fighting” and to “join Al Qaeda, Taliban, or Al Shabaab” New York: Muslim sentenced to 18 years for supporting ISIS Oklahoma: Saudi Muslim Immigrant Who Attended al Qaeda Training Camp Arrested Pennsylvania: Philadelphia, Muslim convicted of attempted murder in ambush on cop
Arizona: Muslim student jokingly names self ‘most likely to bomb the U.S.’ in school yearbook Minnesota: Somali Muslim daycare fraud costing taxpayers as much as $100 million a year Virginia: Muslim ‘tried to poison his estranged wife and kids with donuts’ Georgia: First nonprofit surgical center for female genital mutilation victims opens in Metro Atlanta Iowa: Catholic university opens gender-segregated mini-mosque for...
Ohio: Muslim convert charged with a hate crime for synagogue mass shooting plot Oregon: Koran instructor sentenced to 4 years prison for sexual abuse of underage girls New Jersey: Muslim Couple Charged in $4 Million Food Stamp Fraud at Paterson Store
Oklahoma: Gun range fights to exclude members of terror-linked group CAIR Washington, DC: Koran teacher at mosque coerced underage girl for sex, shared jihadi propaganda with students New York: Imam: Wife-Beating Is Permissible…But Only To Hurt Her Dignity (VIDEO) New Jersey:...
Canada: Muslim Rape Gang Crisis Comes to Canada: Three Muslims Charged with Raping 14-Year-Old Girl Israel: Teen in Serious Condition After Stabbing by Muslim Man Sweden: Sharia Sweden’s largest football tournament bans ‘forbidden pork’ from the menu to please Muslims Germany: German authorities let Muslim migrant who murdered Jewish teen flee the country

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