Saturday, February 16, 2019

Uniting Western Civilization for Freedom & Liberty

New Jersey: The Mosque At Basking Ridge: A Morality Tale? (Part 1) New Jersey: Mosque Opens in Former Synagogue – Hires Imam From Egypt Missouri: Presbyterian Church USA Rejects Resolution to Condemn Terrorist HAMAS; Activist Gets Death Threat California: California county denies pulling off Muslima’s hijab in response to “civil rights” suit Washington DC: Area Mosques Rally for Jailed Muslim Rape Suspect
Texas: Mother of man slain by Muslim in ‘honor killing’ relates threat Texas: Muslim arrested, hired hit man to kill Houston police officer Virginia: Muslim arrested for assaulting woman during massage appointment at Fairfax spa Pennsylvania: Woman reunited with sons kidnapped by Saudi husband and second U.S. wife Ohio: Wanted: Three Illegals, Accused of Raping Two Sisters, Ages 13 and 14
Washington: Muslim immigrant attacked woman on bridge, held on $100,000 bond New York: Muslims pushing for Yonkers public school closures on Islamic holidays New Jersey: National initiative at airports to deter Muslims who take daughters abroad for female genital mutilation Texas: Univ of Houston engineering student who tried to join ISIS in Syria gets 18 months prison
West Virginia: Father Gets Legal Help to Fight School’s Islamic Indoctrination of 13-Year Old Daughter Ohio: Muslim gets 16 years for providing material support to the Islamic State Pennsylvania: Schools Add Muslim Holidays by Cutting Jewish One  
South Carolina: Muslim clerk shoots customer at Columbia’s Obama gas station Washington: King County schools accommodate sharia, as Muslim population grows California: Muslim Women (Legal Jihadists) to Dismiss Lawsuit Against Urth Caffe Ohio: Opposing Groups Rally at Columbus Terror Mosque Connecticut: Video: UConn Muslim prof requires students to remove shoes, say “Bismillah” on entering his office
Minnesota: Amazon Builds Prayer Rooms and Lowers Work Quotas For Muslim Employees During Ramadan Maine: Somali Muslim mob strikes again, leaves man critically injured Connecticut: Another Muslim Terrorist Sues the Bureau of Prisons Wisconsin: Arab-Israeli arrested – used social media to encourage ISIS terrorist attacks on U.S. soil
Canada: Muslim Rape Gang Crisis Comes to Canada: Three Muslims Charged with Raping 14-Year-Old Girl Israel: Teen in Serious Condition After Stabbing by Muslim Man Sweden: Sharia Sweden’s largest football tournament bans ‘forbidden pork’ from the menu to please Muslims Germany: German authorities let Muslim migrant who murdered Jewish teen flee the country
New York:  Lackawanna Muslim gets 15-year prison sentence for supporting Islamic State terrorists New York: Hamas-linked CAIR’s Jewish lawyer whines: “I was barred from speaking at my temple because I work with Muslims” Missouri: Muslim woman gets 9 years; used Twitter to solicit jihad against ex-military and their families Oregon: Ramadan: “If I Can’t Eat, Neither Can You” Nebraska: Muslim...
Texas: Islamic sharia slaughterhouse will be built in Tyler County, despite citizen opposition Maryland: Muslim Sentenced to 35 Years for Providing Material Support to Islamic Terror Group al-Shabaab California: Muslim Convert Sentenced For Failed Christmas Jihad-Terror Plot Washington State: Muslim YouTube user arrested after livestreaming bomb threat hoax at University of Washington Minnesota: Muslim Brotherhood DNC Chair Hakim Muhammad (nee...
Illinois: Muslim convicted of supporting ISIS headed back to custody for violating supervised release Michigan: Public university organizes Muslim religious celebration, claims it’s ‘cultural’ (and secular) Ohio: So-called religion of “peace” seeks to shut down bowling alley over owner’s anti-Islam comments Pennsylvania: Sale of 143-acre State Property to Shady Islamic Org Terminated, Lawsuit Filed

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