Rhode Island: Mega mosque coming to Pawtucket Texas: Muslim “Clock boy” father loses Islamophobia lawsuit against city, school, and police Florida: Muslim who killed teen was known to FBI, about to be charged for jihad activities California: Convicted Muslim refugee terrorist admits he tried to slit prison warden’s throat
United Kingdom: 1,000 more children as young as 11 abused by Muslim rape gangs, police again did nothing Germany: Teachers complain Muslim students bullying Christian and Jewish students New York: NYC - No criminal charges for Muslim firefighter who threatened to kill colleagues Sweden: Not Investigating 512 Muslim Attacks on Christian Refugees Canada: Muslim who killed 1, injured...
Minnesota: Somali refugee chokes woman ‘nearly unconscious’ while high on khat New York: Muslim pleads guilty to helping orchestrate jihad suicide attack at US base in Iraq New Jersey: “Strict Muslim” pleads guilty to New Jersey murder meant to “avenge” U.S. Mideast policy Wisconsin: Perp Arrested in Mosque Burglary CAIR Blamed on Islamophobia…Was Muslim Ohio: Columbus PD Appoints Muslim...
United Kingdom: Muslim rape gang repeatedly raped teen girl over two-year period, nothing was done by police United Kingdom: Jihadi on benefits showed his son ISIS beheading clips and told online followers to ‘Take a break, come to jihad’ France: Finally admits: Elderly Jewish woman thrown off balcony by Muslim shouting “Allahu akbar” was...
Germany: Muslim Migrant Thanks ‘Mama Merkel’ for Being Able to Practice Polygamy on Benefits France: Foils TWO jihad terror attacks so far this year, plotting to strike a football squad and school India: Muslims gang-rape girl after she refuses to convert to Islam Canada: Toronto - Muslim teacher arrested for sex assault on 10-year-old boy
Virginia:  DC Metro cop who converted to Islam & tried to aid jihadis gets 15 years Texas: National Guard Exploited with Food Photo-Op by Terror-Related Islamic Groups Pennsylvania: Muslim leaders demand elimination of waver required for Muslims to alter athletic uniforms because of their supremacist and misogynistic religion New York:  Muslim Pleads Guilty to Material Support of ISIS,...
Germany: Muslim Migrant Convicted of Sexually Attacking 10-Year-Old Received Asylum Status Despite Known Long Criminal History United Kingdom: London’s ‘Modest’ Fashion Show Celebrates Sharia-Compliant Clothing Weeks After Women Burn Hijabs in Iran Europe: Europe’s Future Nightmare: The ‘Baby Muhammad’ Jihad Australia: Another Muslim migrant welfare queen gets caught living in luxury
United Kingdom: Rotherham: Muslim rape gangs may have abused more than 1,500 victims, investigators reveal Sweden: Religious Migrants Sex-Torture Mentally Ill Man Nigeria: Boko Haram Crisis: Yobe Schoolgirls Missing Pakistan: Lost Phone Leads to Mob Calling for the Beheading of 17-Year-Old Pak-Christian Boy in Shahdara, Lahore France: Muslim leader tells Macron not to meddle with Islam
Washington, DC: The Dangerous Folly Of “Interfaith Dialogue” Between Christians And Muslims Oklahoma: What were the Oklahoma State Capital building officials thinking? Utah: HIGH SCHOOL: American flag destroyed and replaced with flag of the Islamic State (ISIS) New York: Muslim migrant tried to join Islamic State, wanted to stage jihad massacre in Times Square
United Kingdom:  Ben & Jerry’s promotes Islamic propaganda with ‘Visit My Mosque Day’ Jordan: Muslim cleric says Allah has gathered the Jews in Israel to make it easier to “annihilate” them Denmark: Police hunting for “very dangerous” Muslim who injured two people with an axe France: French government uses Islamic jurisprudence to calculate housing benefits for Muslims

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