Friday, February 15, 2019

Uniting Western Civilization for Freedom & Liberty

Source: Front Page  Mag,  Gary Fouse, March 19, 2018 On March 14, I attended a public presentation entitled Islam 101 at Golden West College in Huntington Beach, California. The presenter was Nicole Bovey, a convert to Islam and public information officer at the Islamic Institute of Orange County in Anaheim. Bovey also works with the...
Source: DC Gazette, By Mike Shepard , February 25, 2018 Fox News once reported that a Marine Corps father has been banished from his daughter’s school after he complained about her homework assignment on Islam. Kevin Wood said his daughter was ordered to write a three page essay about Islam’s five pillars,...
Source: Family Security Matters, by ALAN KORNMAN, December 22, 2014 Is Terry Holdbrooks aka Mustafa Abdullah, a propaganda agent for the sworn enemies of the United States of America?  That is a question for you and our government to answer. In August 2002, Terry C. Holdbrooks Jr. (19), aka Mustafa Abdullah, enlisted in the...

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