Thursday, April 26, 2018

Uniting Western Civilization for Freedom & Liberty

Source: American Family Radio, February 7, 2018 Sandy talks with Dick Manasserri on the prospects of Abdul Sayed winning the governors race in Michigan. 
  This is Recap # 2 of our National Security Briefing  with Dick Manasseri  Last Sunday's National Security briefing featured Dick Manasseri, a very Pro-Constitutional activist, from Michigan. His presentation was both outstanding and disturbing at the same time. We now have the video of his presentation available. It is at the very end of...
Source:  January 26, 2018 Special Guests talk about the Sharia crimes in MI & OH and what can be done by the local communities to be aware and understand what it means to local law enforcement, schools, hospitals, social workers, and community leaders.
Source: AM 1420 The Answer, Bob Frantz Authority AM 1420 The Answer Radio Interview (2nd hour), discussing Michigan's Sharia compliant candidate for Governor, Abdul El-Sayed and Sharia Crimes committed across the U.S.  AND... what YOU can do to get law enforcement trained to recognize these crimes. Listen here:
Breitbart London editor Raheem Kassam talks about THAT Sky News interview and why Sadiq Khan's London really is turning into a sh*thole.
Source: The Truth In Love Project.  Shahram used to co-host a weekly radio show with Tom Wallace of "Fortress of Faith." The Islamic Rape Doctrine  Segment One On today's broadcast we had Bill Warner as a special guest. He is the author of "Sharia Law for NonMuslims" which is probably one of the most successful books...
Faith Talk FM92.7/AM1500 & Patriot FM101.5/AM1400 Friday, January 5th, during the second hour of the 4-6pm ET program, Sharia Crime Stoppers was interviewed about it's mission, it's goal, and the activities and projects it is engaged in. The topic, Sharia & Women.  Discussion covered Sharia and the crimes committed across the west. ...
John Mc Culloch interviews Dick Manasseri, Activist and member of the Sharia Crime Stoppers team - previews the meeting on Mosques that took place on Thursday, January 4th and connects the reality of everyday Sharia criminal behavior with the candidacy for Governor of Michigan and Sharia-compliant Abdul El-Sayed versus the only...
Sharia Crime Stoppers is a critical program for Law Enforcement and Communities to understand the  impacts of Sharia to it's citizens, how law enforcement is engaged, and what is needed to recognize it for where it comes.  How do you combat the problem without identifying it's source?   Sharia Crime...
Source:  The John McCulloch Show  

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