Monday, December 10, 2018

Uniting Western Civilization for Freedom & Liberty

During a sermon in Boston, MA, Imam Abdullah Faaruuq said that the people native to America will never think of America as great until "you Europeans act right or go home. He said: "Go back to where you came from… is not the land of the free and...
Mohammed Hijab claims that, whereas Christianity spread through violence, Islam spread "organically." Is this correct? David Wood and Robert Spencer discuss the issue.
Morningstar Ministries, on America Now, with Don Brown Don Brown explores the Mainstream Media’s use of strategically placed and manipulative questions in their effort to control and direct the narrative, to mislead the public, and undermine the American Republic. In contrast, he explains how we can use strategic questioning to...

Clergy and the Caravan

by Tabitha Korol, November 22, 2018 I would like to believe that these left-leaning rabbis, ministers, and imams had good intentions, joining together to meet the caravan of migrants and provide them with food, clothing and solace, but their logic is deeply flawed.  Whatever their intent, it is unconscionable and...
Source: CBN, by Dale Hurd,  November 12, 2018 OTTAWA and TORONTO – The US and Canada share the longest undefended border in the world. There hasn't been a reason to defend it because there hasn't been a serious threat from either country in a couple hundred years. There is now. Canada...
Religion of Peace? Historian Documents 14 Centuries of War Between Islam and the West Raymond Ibrahim interviewed by Pat Roberts on CBN, discussing Raymond's new book:  The Sword and the Scimitar: Fourteen Centuries of War between Islam and the West   
Saturday, October 13, 2018, MAS (Muslim American Society) of Minnesota held an event that was called: Islam, The Guiding Light.  They have the below statements on their website giving an indication that it was OPEN to the public (highlighted in red below): Assalamu Alaikom and welcome to the MAS MN Convention! The MAS MN...
Robert Spencer at the 2015 David Horowitz Convention, in California. Explains the "Moderate" Muslim.
Source: CBN, August 27, 2018 It is widely believed in the West, even among many Washington policymakers, that Islam is a fundamentally peaceful religion and that Islamic jihad terrorism is something relatively new, a product of the economic and political ferment of the twentieth century. But that's not true according...

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