Saturday, December 15, 2018

Uniting Western Civilization for Freedom & Liberty

This video is an excellent resource for you to use to educate your communities.  Speak out against the ever growing Shariah impacts to girls, women, and families.
A U.S. citizen, William Finlay aka Wild Bill For America was invited to speak at WCAI (Worldwide Coalition Against Islam), an event to educate Canadians to the truth of Islam.  The United West knows Bill’s work and he presents facts based on validated sources.  Bill arrived at the Calgary, AB airport only to be greeted by the RCMP and immediately searched for “contraband”, whereby his iPad was taken and he was subsequently arrested for “hate speech” due to something they found.  Thankfully, he was released but deported instantly.  However, without his laptop which is now being thoroughly searched.  With possible criminal charges coming. Read More...
It is beyond time for President Trump to DRAIN THE SWAMP in this area.  These Jihadi represent the Civilization Jihad that has been occurring for far too long.  They wear suits, but have the same goal as those in the trenches doing the actual attacks on non-Muslims across the world.  They are very highly educated and have the Islamist's "speak" that is difficult to unravel if you have not studied the enemy. THIS MUST BE STOPPED!  Read More...
Flint International Airport was a specific target.  The Muslim attacker parked in front, carried out his attack, and thought he would escape to his car and drive onto one of the freeways to make his escape.  Read More...

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