Message from Tom Trento


“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. ”

Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to communicate my view about the global clash of civilizations through a fair amount of media interviews. Inevitably the host asks me about problems that are adding to the demise of the West. Invariably, I get on the subject of quality leadership in America and the lack thereof. I usually explain that there is a corresponding relationship to the need for leadership and the social conditions of the moment. The more social disorder, whether financial or cultural, the more of a need for those “who know the way, go the way and show the way”.

One is hard-pressed to find a historic period that is potentially as cataclysmic as the one in which we live. Certainly, each age had their relative “apocalyptic” scenarios, but only this age has a thermonuclear modifier which set us apart from millennia past.

It is against this backdrop that – The United West exemplifies itself as, unique, distinct and “like no others” when it comes to developing the complete, modern-day information warrior. If the Muslim Brotherhood is true to its manifesto, engaging in a “civilization jihad,” against the West, then it is the height of foolishness to think as though we are not engaged in a knock-down-drag-out, battle for the American way of life.

They are at war.

We better be too.

Yet this war, against Shariah Islam, whether propagated by the Supreme Guide of the Brotherhood, the local Imam at the “peaceful” mosque, or a writer at the New York Times, is not fought with bombs and bullets, but with brains and courage, as it is, above all else an information war. Stated simply, the information in conflict is whether America is better off sticking with that man-made, fallible, intellectually dusty, U.S. Constitution, or whether America ought to experience a divine epiphany (often at the business end of the scimitar) and bow to the infallibility of Allah’s directly spoken word, a word that provides all rules for all life for all time, the Qur’an.

Though on its surface, to the common man, the clear thinker, this contrast seems silly, reality teaches that the common man, the clear thinker is busy providing for loved ones, thus leaving the influencing of social institutions to the elite among us, those who will not call a Muslim terrorist, a terrorist, even if he brutally murders his fellow (unarmed) soldiers, while shooting and shouting Allahu Akbar!

To fight and win on this asymmetric battlefield takes an individual who is grounded in doctrine and directed by principle. There are no newcomers at The United West. We are seasoned activists with a mastery of the academics and a passion for confrontational engagement. Yep, you heard me right. A passion for a lawful confrontation with an ideological enemy who is brazen enough to “assault” the essence of what unites the many into the one, the US Constitution.

Not on our watch, now while we still have breath.

I am honored to be part of the team with these information warriors, the best of the best. A band of brothers … and sisters! When asked to go a mile, they go two. When asked to drop everything and go help someone in need, the next sound you hear is the starting of their car. When asked, to go alone, into a mosque or Islamic event and gather information, they do so, fearlessly. Leaders, tough, courageous, everyone.

When I’m asked how so much can be accomplished with so little, I smile. It has been my experience in life (and probably yours) that when a group of people is united in a common cause, unconcerned about personal accolades, but preoccupied with mission success and group safety, those individuals undergo a metamorphosis, to a rock-solid, laser-focused team that cannot, will not, be defeated.

In The United West, I present, just such a TEAM.

I am confident that when properly funded our Team can increase its footprint and activism impact exponentially, as most of the amazing accomplishments over the past years have been the result of a limited, volunteer effort.

Humbly, America and Israel do not have the luxury of having the quality of this Team operating on a limited, part-time basis, in such dangerous and deadly days. I make that statement because I know how small the universe is of those who are like the folks on our team. The only way The United West can accomplish our mission as articulated herein is to provide the assets necessary for this team, to advance into battle, on a full-time basis!

A significant component of our impact-oriented activism in 2018 will be the regular use of our fully owned, first-class TV studio. We have the equipment, know-how, and experience to produce investigative stories, special reports or full-blown documentaries. Whether it is our aggressive video exposes’ or our ability to infiltrate the organizations of those who seek to destroy America, an interview on the radio or a speech at a rally, all The United West does have the objective of defending America and Israel!

In a constitutional republic, we implement our ideological and informational revolution not with violence, but with the victory, at the ballot box. Victory, as we know, flows from leadership.

America is sorely in need of high-caliber leaders. From the bottom of my heart to the tip of the spear, I maintain, that our team, The United West are “leaders who know the way, go the way, and show the way.”

May God Bless those who lead and those who follow.

Tom Trento, May 2018