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It’s a wrap! Finished shooting Extortion 17 film this week.

Source:  Don Brown's Facebook Page Special thanks to Director Stephen John Spivey, the "man in the red hat." TNX...

Texas-Based Shiite Scholar: Imam Khomeini Isn’t Just Any World Leader Like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin

Shiite Islamic scholar Molana Shamshad Haider of the Islamic Education Center in Houston, TX was featured in a two-hour-long tribute to the...

US pro-Israel group raises $400,000 to boost Ilhan Omar’s primary challenger

Pro-Israel America, which was created by former AIPAC staffers, pumps big money into unseating Minnesota congresswoman Source: Times of Israel, By By ERIC CORTELLESSA...

Tommy Robinson Leaves Britain After Alleged Arson Attack on Wife’s Property

Source: Breitbart, By Jack Montgomery, July 29, 2020 Tommy Robinson has left the United Kingdom and plans to permanently relocate abroad after an...

Israeli-Iranian Relations After the Mullahs

Iran and Israel have been locked so pervasively in a twilight struggle for over 40 years that it is difficult to imagine...

PBA Demands Removal of Troopers from NYC

Source: NY State Troopers PBA For Immediate Release: July 15, 2020 Troopers’ Union President Demands Removal of Troopers from New York City As President of...

Abolishing the Police – A Terrorist’s Dream Come True

Source: The Investigative Project on Terrorism, By Patrick Dunleavy, June 17, 2020 What began as a sincere cry for justice in the tragic...

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Dave Gaubatz Emails to the Islamic Association of West Virginia, Charleston, WV

Source:  America’s Civil War Rising, by David Gaubatz, June 2020 Rated Extremely Dangerous! A Risk/Threat Assessment Report in A Sworn Affidavit by Counter-terrorism...

Extremely Dangerous: Islamic Association of West Virginia (IAWV)

June 5, 2020 Concerned citizens in WV brought David Gaubatz in to research the level of danger the Islamic Association of West Virginia...

Extremely Dangerous: Three Michigan Mosques

Source: Dave Gaubatz , March 2020 Firsthand Field Research Conducted by Dave Gaubatz, Founder, America’s Civil War Rising Also assisting D. Gaubatz in the...

Action Items Discussed with Leo Hohmann & Shahram Hadian News Briefing – 6.29.2020

Updated 7/2/2020 June 29, 2020 Sharia Crime Stoppers presented our Monday night News Briefing with 2...

“Honor Killings – A Family Conspiracy” with Dr. Phyllis Chesler

Honor killings, the cold-blooded murder of mostly girls and women by relatives for allegedly dishonoring...

Bill Johnson Interviews Kevin Freeman

Bill Johnson, friend of Sharia Crime Stoppers.  Bill is Founder and President at American Decency...

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