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Islamic Censorship of The U.S. Constitution

From American Truth Project, with Founder Barry Nussbaum and his guest, Dr. Bill Warner, FounderPresident of The Center for the Study of...

VIDEO: Jihad in America: The Terrorists Among Us

Thanks to: Investigative Project on Terrorism This film tracks down a network of Islamic Extremists among us in New York, Boston, New Jersey,...

House of Lies – The Baseless Campaign to Smear Israeli Police Exchanges Part 2:...

Thanks to: Investigative Project on Terrorism Anti-Israel groups have spent years trying to end programs which take American police leaders to Israel to...

‘Time to Choose Faith over Fear’: California Church Hosts ‘Freedom Sunday’ Calling for Churches...

Source: Breitbart, Penny Starr, October 11, 2020 Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council (FRC), will join Pastor Jack Hibbs at Calvary...

Muslim Brotherhood: The Threat Against the West

Source: Islamic Theology of Counter Terrorism, By Michael Arizanti , September 12, 2020 You may have heard of Al Qaeda, ISIS, Boko Haram,...

When We Had a CIA That Worked for America

Source: Worldview Weekend, By Cliff Kincaid, 04 October, 2020 The left-wing Soros-funded National Security Archive has released some documents about the CIA’s good old days,...

Terrorist roots run deep for some Islamic ‘charity’ groups

Source: One News Now, By J. M. Phelps, July 27, 2020 A number of Muslim organizations operating within the United States have ties...

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Dave Gaubatz Emails to the Islamic Association of West Virginia, Charleston, WV

Source:  America’s Civil War Rising, by David Gaubatz, June 2020 Rated Extremely Dangerous! A Risk/Threat Assessment Report in A Sworn Affidavit by Counter-terrorism...

Extremely Dangerous: Islamic Association of West Virginia (IAWV)

June 5, 2020 Concerned citizens in WV brought David Gaubatz in to research the level of danger the Islamic Association of West Virginia...

Extremely Dangerous: Three Michigan Mosques

Source: Dave Gaubatz , March 2020 Firsthand Field Research Conducted by Dave Gaubatz, Founder, America’s Civil War Rising Also assisting D. Gaubatz in the...


Dr. Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM, Founder of Americas Frontline Doctors tells us about the...

Action Items Discussed with Leo Hohmann & Shahram Hadian News Briefing – 6.29.2020

Updated 7/2/2020 June 29, 2020 Sharia Crime Stoppers presented our Monday night News Briefing with 2...

“Honor Killings – A Family Conspiracy” with Dr. Phyllis Chesler

Honor killings, the cold-blooded murder of mostly girls and women by relatives for allegedly dishonoring...

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