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Certified Law Enforcement Training and Citizen Briefings are available. Check out our Facebook page:  Sharia Crime Stoppers.

To discuss details or schedule training, contact : 


All videos shown below are for Citizen Briefings, to engage the communities and discussions needed to inform the public and the local Law Enforcement.  The briefings are meant to provide a sample of what is included in the certified Law Enforcement training being offered.

To begin those discussions, an introduction is available here:

Citizen Briefing videos available below:

  • Women & Sharia
  • Sharia Compliant Mosques

To see the full list, place your cursor in the upper left corner of the video window and click on that icon for all of the videos available.

Sharia Crime Stoppers is a forthright campaign demanding that the American justice system effectively deal with the criminal aspects of Islamic Law, otherwise known as  Sharia.  Law Enforcement and Prosecutors must be trained in the ideology of Sharia and Citizens must demand that the full force of American law be applied in their communities, despite political pressure to the contrary.

Sharia Crime Stoppers is a campaign to provide training to citizens across America so they can engage their local Law Enforcement, from the Officers on the Street to Judges, in a conversation to determine the depth of their understanding of Sharia sanctioned crimes.

Sharia Crime Stoppers training is free to all attendees and also available to churches, synagogues, and community groups… in a variety of formats. Only cost is for instructors travel expenses.

Sharia Crime Stoppers offers Certified Training for Local Law Enforcement personnel from County Sheriffs to Officers in the field, along with Detectives and Intelligence Officers.

Training is provided by a retired Police Chief who served for 16 yrs as a Sr. Officer in a County Sheriffs Office, and served 23 years in the Army retiring at the rank of lieutenant colonel in 1991. During that 23 years, he was active as Military Police.  After his retirement, he became an Adjunct Instructor for Law Enforcement Academy’s and speaking to churches and civic groups, educating on the threats of fundamental Islam to America, with a focus on Sharia crimes, how to recognize the threats, and the response required by Law Enforcement.

The only cost for this training is travel expenses incurred by the instructor.

To discuss the training, schedule a session, or for other details.  Contact: 


Below is an excerpt of the training being offered:

An informed citizenry is indispensable to the mission of stopping the “Muslim Mafia”, the 1400-year-old international organized crime syndicate that sanctions criminal behavior (Sharia) with a goal to destroy western civilization, specifically America.

The Citizen Briefing,  “Women and Sharia” is a starting point to alert the most vulnerable targets to the specifics of Sharia Crime, its mentality and brutality. No-Fault Rape, Honor Killing, and FGM and related topics are explored in a way that gives women the information they need to urge law enforcement personnel to obtain the Certified Law Enforcement Training on Sharia that has been hidden from them for a decade.

The Citizen Briefings are available via several options:

  1. A live streamed event/ 1-hour presentation with Q&A delivered in-person or remotely via the Internet
  2. A series of brief video clips provided here, to engage and open the discussion for further training

To discuss details or schedule a session, Contact 

Citizen Briefing Videos Available

  1. Sharia Crime Stoppers Introduction
  2. Women & Sharia: Male Supremacy
  3. Women & Sharia: No-Fault Rape
  4. Women & Sharia: Honor Killing/Violence
  5. Women & Sharia: Child Brides/Forced Marriage
  6. Women & Sharia: FGM
  7. Women & Sharia: Police Response to Honor Violence/Forced Marriage/FGM
  8. Law Enforcement Training Contact 

Watch for continued updates as we build on the library of available video’s for presentation.

Questions Local Law Enforcement Officials MUST be able to answer

If there is any difficulty in answering these questions, there is training available to assist you and/or your team of officers to understand what is needed.  Contact:

  1. What steps are you and your agency prepared to take if you receive information someone in your jurisdiction is being radicalized to jihad?

DISCUSSION: This question is designed to see whether local police are even aware of the indicators of radicalization and, when given information about it, they take the matter seriously and with a sense of urgency. At the very least, the chief or sheriff should be immediately notified that there may be a “ticking time-bomb” about to go off AND notification should be made immediately to the serving Joint Terrorism Task Force in the area.

  1. Have your officers and members of the command staff received any training on the Islamic jihad threat? Or, just training on terrorism and countering violent extremism?

DISCUSSION:  Generic training on terrorism that paints all “extremist” groups as equally dangerous is right out of the PC/Multi-Cultural play-book. Shar’ia sanctioned crimes are unique to only one threat—Fundamentalist Islam. Law enforcement officers must be trained to recognize them and to take appropriate legal action.

  1. Can you provide a list of jihadist radicalization indicators to members of the public? What are the indicators that you want to be immediately informed about?

DISCUSSION:  With the media promoting “If You See Something, Say Something” following every jihadist attack, the next logical question is: “what are the suspicious indicators that you want me to be looking for?” Law enforcement agencies should be able to provide a specific list when asked.

  1. What are the Shar’ia crimes that are in violation of federal and/or state law?

DISCUSSION:  Again, this question is designed to assess the level of knowledge of the local law enforcement agency serving your jurisdiction. Shar’ia law sanctions a variety of illegal behavior: wife beating, FGM, polygamy, underage marriage, pedophilia, rape and sexual assaults against disobedient “uncovered” women, honor violence and murder, the killing of apostates and designated individuals targeted by “fatwas,” providing material support to “soldiers of Allah,” and subversion.

  1. Have your officers received training in how to recognize the differences between domestic violence (DV) and honor violence (HV) related crimes?

DISCUSSION: PC and Multi-Culturalism resists making any distinction between domestic violence (DV) and honor violence (HV) related crimes. Officers should be able to recognize the many unique characteristics of HV, such as the involvement of multiple perpetrators (other family members) and that there will be no cooperation by any family member during the follow-up investigation.

  1. Is your department taking any special steps to protect the general public from vehicle jihadi attacks, especially when there are large gatherings of people?

DISCUSSION:  Motor vehicles are currently one of the weapons of choice used by jihadists throughout the West. Incorporating, as minimum, barricades around large open venues where large crowds gather, should be part of a department’s security planning.

  1. Is female genital mutilation against the law?

DISCUSSION:  It’s a violation of Federal law and, depending on the state, it may be a violation locally as well. Again, this question is designed to assess the knowledge of local law enforcement.

  1. If local school officials report that a young female Muslim student is being sent to her family’s home of origin against her will in the Middle East or Africa, does this raise any red flags that she is in possible jeopardy?

DISCUSSION:  Such a situation may indicate that the individual is being sent for a forced marriage or for FGM “vacation cutting.” This is why she in all probability does not want to go because she realizes that both forced marriages and FGM are sanctioned by Shar’ia and that her resistance is bringing shame to her family.

  1. Do you have any plans to monitor the mosque(s) in our jurisdiction when several studies have found that over 80% promote violence against non-Muslims, especially toward women, Jews, and gays?

DISCUSSION:  Local law enforcement should be knowledgeable that mosques are not just “houses of worship.” The Muslim Brotherhood has made it very clear that they are a key part of their grand plan to subvert American society by promoting Shar’ia law to attendees (along with all the Shar’ia sanctioned crimes mention above) and far too many mosques serve as incubators for radicalization to jihad.

  1. What is your position about ALAC (American Laws for American Courts)?

DISCUSSION:  Local law enforcement should understand that family court judges may allow Shar’ia based arbitration agreements into their court room when both parties of a Muslim couple agree. When this happens, Muslim females are denied due process and equal protection under American law because Shar’ia is heavily weighed in favor of Muslim men.  ALAC is designed to protect the rights of women in such disputes.

  1. What steps can you take to determine whether your department should conduct out-reach with a specific Islamic organization or Muslim official to determine whether either is affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood?

DISCUSSION: Only by using extreme vetting measures and in-depth social media examinations can a department hope to know who it’s partnering with.

  1. If a Muslim female reported she was raped, is there a risk the victim’s parents may retaliate against her for brining shame to the family?

DISCUSSION: Unless the female can produce four male witnesses to the crime who agree to testify in court in her behalf, the Muslim victim is considered an adulterous by her family because she must have done something to encourage the attacker. Consequently, the rape has brought the family shame that can only be reconciled by the family punishing the rape victim through honor violence, which can range from physical punishment, additional sexual attacks by male family members, or murder.

  1. If your officers encounter a teenage Muslim girl who is a run-away, who says her parents are forcing her to marry a much older man against her will, what steps should be taken?

DISCUSSION: The first thing to recognize is that the girl is now at extreme risk from family members for running away from home and now, for reporting the matter to local authorities. The girl must be protected, child protective service (CPS) personnel must be made to understand the gravity of the situation, and no attempts should be made to return the child to her family unless ordered by a judge.

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