Dr Corsi Decodes 4/3/20: Dr Vladimir Zelenko & Dr. Karladine Graves – HCQ Protocol To Win Virus War


Source: Jerome Corsi, Youtube page, April 3, 2020

Dr. Vladimir Zelenko joins Dr. Karladine Graves and Dr. Corsi to describe the treatment protocol he developed and used for 900 patients who were diagnosed with COVID-19 over the past weeks.

Dr. Zelenko classified 350 of his patients as high risk (60 years of age, compromised immune systems, and/or heart/respiratory problems) and IMMEDIATELY treated them in his office using a combination of Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc.

The other 550 patients in the low risk category were sent home with supportive care, and all returned to normal health.

Outcome: ZERO deaths, 3 patients intubated or on respirators (1 off now), 6 patients admitted with bacterial pneumonia who received IV antibiotics (2 are already home).

Dr. Zelenko states that with all of the reports coming in from doctors around the world regarding the success of such treatment protocols, this is no longer “anecdotal” information. We are at war, and we either fight the war to defeat the virus now or suffer far more dramatic long-term and disasterous consequences.

Dr. Graves continues to insist, and Dr. Zelenko agreed, that a preventative regimen of Hydroxychloroquine and Zinc be made available to all first responders, military members, truck drivers, hospital workers of all kinds from doctors to janitors, members of other such categories, and their families IMMEDIATELY, and dispensed under the supervision of their own doctors.

Conclusion: To NOT allow doctors world-wide to IMMEDIATELY follow or adapt Dr. Zelenko’s protocol and the steps Dr. Karladine Graves and Dr. Vicki Wooll have outlined, or a variation thereof (see previous Corsi Nation broadcasts), is a crime against humanity.

We have nothing to fear but Fauci himself.